Kim improved her ulcerative colitis on a carnivore diet

Overcoming Ulcerative Colitis: How a Carnivore Diet Transformed Kim’s Health

Kim suffered from several health issues, including ulcerative colitis, rosacea, boils, and migraines. Following a carnivore diet has completely transformed her health, and she believes it has saved her life!


Desperate Measures: Surgery and Medication vs. Dietary Changes for Ulcerative Colitis

Kim was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease that results in sores that grow in the digestive tract, primarily the large intestine. For Kim, these sores were heavily exacerbated by a diet that included vegetables, and she frequently suffered bleeding and infections related to the condition. “I was dying from ulcerative colitis,” Kim shares. “I ended up with a colostomy bag after having my colon removed. The vegetables I was eating would catch on the ulcers and cause them to bleed, so I was at risk for bleeding to death internally, too.”


Kim didn’t realize that prioritizing vegetables over meat was actually making her condition worse. Looking back, she is angry that more patients with ulcerative colitis may think the only way forward is surgery or medication, rather than changing their diets. “I was so weak. The doctors just told me it was normal to feel that way with this condition, but it’s not normal!” Kim exclaims. “You don’t have to live this way the rest of your life. You can be healed with food!”


From Bleeding Ulcers to Remission: The Healing Power of a Meat-Based Diet

Kim switched to a meat-based diet 15 months ago, and all of her symptoms have improved. Her rosacea and skin boils cleared up, she no longer has joint pain, and best of all, her ulcerative colitis seems to be in remission. “My doctor was hesitant to tell me, but since going carnivore my bloodwork was perfect.” Even her vision improved. “I don’t need glasses anymore, my doctor couldn’t believe it!”


Aside from a couple of weeks of fatigue at the onset, Kim adjusted quite well to removing all vegetables and grains from her diet. She and her husband keep things simple and enjoy mainly ribeyes that they find on sale. She typically consumes two pounds of meat per day, and often includes eggs. “I could clearly see because of the bag that vegetables were not fully digesting, so what was the point of eating them if I wasn’t absorbing all the nutrients?” While she still has the bag, of course, Kim’s bowel movements are less frequent and no longer painful, and she observes that the meat-only food is digested much more completely than when she was eating vegetables.


Regaining Strength and Vitality: Kim’s Journey to Health on a Carnivore Diet

Today, Kim says she feels stronger, has more energy, and has resolved almost all of her health issues. She shares her message of hope on social media and within support groups for others who suffer from ulcerative colitis. After seeing ten different doctors and using steroids which simply masked the problem, Kim hopes others in her situation will find hope through the healing power of meat. “All the medication I took for ulcerative colitis was just a bandaid, and I gained so much weight from it,” Kim notes. “Switching to a carnivore diet has healed almost everything that was wrong with me!”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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