Tracy now feels more grounded, skin is clearer and now sleeps better on a carnivore way of life

Tracy’s Health Journey and Gut Issues

Tracy has always taken her health and her nutrition seriously. She even owned a health and cleansing studio in San Diego. When Tracy was around twenty or twenty-one years old, she started noticing issues with her digestion. Tracy was perplexed because, in her mind, she was eating very healthily. Her diet at the time consisted of a lot of vegetables, berries, whole grains, tofu, and other foods Tracy thought were suitable for her health.


As time went on, Tracy continued to feel worse. Tracy is a runner and spends a lot of time exercising and living what she thought was a healthy lifestyle. And yet, her gut issues continued to worsen. Tracy says she became very frustrated because “my gut shut down.” She said she was constantly cleansing and taking supplements to aid her bloating and irritable bowel syndrom (IBS).


Introduction to the Carnivore Diet

In 2018, she began taking Ancestral brand supplements, where she was introduced to Dr. Kevin Stock, an avid researcher, and advocate of the carnivore diet. Tracy says at first, she thought the carnivore diet sounded ridiculous. Tracy had spent years telling people through her health business that they needed to eat berries and vegetables, so the concept of only eating meat sounded crazy to her.


Tracy’s Experience with the Carnivore Diet

Tracy decided, after talking to other advocates of the carnivore diet, to try eating only meat for one week. She says that one week she only ate chuck roast and felt better. Tracy didn’t feel completely healed, but she could tell she was less bloated. Later, she tried the carnivore diet for one month and felt much better again. Tracy says she followed a version of the paleo and ketogenic diets for about a year before finally committing to the carnivore diet long-term about six weeks ago.


Benefits of the Carnivore Diet for Tracy

Tracy says her carnivore success hasn’t been overnight, but she sees significant shifts in her health. Her gut is healing, her skin is clearer, and she is sleeping through the night without supplements– something she never thought possible. Tracy describes her gut was ruined about a year ago after taking antibiotics following breast explant surgery. Since starting the carnivore diet, she feels like her gut is improving and knows true healing will take time.


Tracy’s Carnivore Diet Meal Plan and Food Choices

Tracy says now that she has restarted her carnivore journey, she eats two meals daily and relies heavily on beef– notably chuck roast, ribeyes, and ground beef. She also occasionally enjoys duck eggs and chicken eggs and cooks with suet and tallow, which she gets from her local butcher. Tracy says she has learned she can’t eat bacon as it caused a slight rash around her eyes, and lamb as it caused a rash around her torso.


Tracy’s Commitment to the Carnivore Lifestyle

Though in the past Tracy only planned to do the carnivore diet occasionally, she says she is now fully committed to the carnivore lifestyle. Tracy says she loves the simplicity of the diet and feels it fits her life as a minimalist. Tracy is grateful for her carnivore journey and looks forward to even more healing.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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