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Micki’s MS is in remission and her bowel issues are gone all with a carnivore diet

For 34 years, Micki suffered from multiple sclerosis (MS), which affected her balance, mobility, and cognitive function. Since implementing a low-carb diet and, more recently, following a carnivore diet, Micki is thrilled to report she is in complete remission! Anti-Inflammatory Diets and Their Impact on Autoimmune Conditions Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a potentially disabling autoimmune disease of the brain and

Maykell healed bloating, constipation, anxiety, and panic attacks on a carnivore diet

Maykell has been following a carnivore diet for two years. In addition to improving his overall body composition, Maykell enjoys better digestion, steady energy, and freedom from anxiety and panic attacks.   The Struggle to Gain Muscle   Maykell was in generally good health when starting his carnivore journey and was mainly looking for the best way to gain muscle

Joette got off 24 medications on carnivore diet

Hello, my name is Joette. Let me show you what an 80lb transformation looks like. In fact, the first 2 pics were taken the day before I had a gastric lap band installed. (18 years ago.) 7 years later the band would fail & nearly kill me. I had an emergency surgery & to have it removed. The 80lbs I

Emily improves bipolar disorder and MS on a carnivore diet

  The Misdiagnosis Of Emily’s MS   Having no idea what it was, she suffered from the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis for years. As time went along, the puzzle pieces started fitting together. Simple activities that shouldn’t have had a big impact caused her significant joint pain. This lack of understanding finally became clear when she received the diagnosis of

Raenn improves arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and PCOS on a carnivore diet

My story has several parts to it to gain a full understanding of the way changing to a carnivore diet has impacted my life. It’s a long one!   The Great Global Gratitude Tour And The Start Of A Health Crisis   As a single adoptive parent of 6 special needs children and two biological children, I have been accustomed

Erin treats Multiple Sclerosis, feels good on carnivore diet

Here I am suffering with MS and being medicated and just not thriving. Here I am today with a new lease on life. The Power of Diet in Managing Multiple Sclerosis Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disease and a horrible way to live, with or without medications. I heard about diet making a difference, so I jumped in.  

Katrina healed from cravings and lost weight on a carnivore diet

Right: April 27, 2018Left: Yesterday, after 30 days keto/carnivore 19 pounds down. No more belly aching, no more leg & feet burning at night, no more sugar cravings or binging at night and energy out the azz!! Now on to the next 19#!!! Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should

Nevada improved her cauda equina syndrome on a carnivore diet

What Happened To Me   In January 2016, I was diagnosed with Cauda Equina Syndrome after suffering a massive central disc herniation at L5-S1. This is a rare syndrome caused by compression of the cauda equina, which is the horsetail of nerves connected to the spinal cord in the lumbar spine.   Prior to this event, I suffered two years

Jared gets to be a father again on a carnivore diet

530lbs, IBS, pinched lumbar three nerve, diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, no will to live. What do all of these things have in common? No one would want to be even one of them, much less all.    Up until recently, all of these things defined ME. This was my life or lack thereof. My name is Jared. I’m

Charlene improves sleep, cardiovascular health, digestion on carnivore diet

My Carnivore Diet Journey As per interest and requests I thought I would sit down and talk about my story of approaching and reaching my carnivore diet. Even though I like to never look back or put any focus on my previous ill health, I know that by doing so it may help others. Warning… I’m a number of things,

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