Emily improves bipolar disorder and MS on a carnivore diet


The Misdiagnosis Of Emily’s MS


Having no idea what it was, she suffered from the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis for years. As time went along, the puzzle pieces started fitting together. Simple activities that shouldn’t have had a big impact caused her significant joint pain. This lack of understanding finally became clear when she received the diagnosis of full-on MS.


She was hospitalized for acute dysphasia: a lack of the ability to comprehend or generate speech related to brain disease or damage. In addition, her throat closed up, and she couldn’t even swallow water.


 A barium swallow test was given, and it was discovered that there was nothing mechanically wrong with her swallowing ability. Both of these problems were neurological. A number of other tests determined that there was a lesion on her left temporal lobe. 


Her condition worsened. She couldn’t walk without an assistive device or walker cane. If she didn’t use one, it was as if she simply didn’t have the balance or motor skills to walk: to put one foot in front of the other without giving it some intense thought. All of this was terrifying for her.


Finding The Carnivore Diet As A Solution


Her brother finally sent her a copy of the first chapter of the audiobook by Amber O’Hearn. She listened to it, and something about it resonated within her to make her realize how miserable she was. Anything she could do to alleviate her misery would be worth the cost.


The carnivore diet supplied those answers. She was now eating meat: ribeyes, chicken, pork, bacon, shrimp, seafood, and crab legs. Slowly, her MS symptoms became less and less until they were no more: a period of only a few months. 


Her ability to walk, her ability to talk, and her mental clarity were restored. Subsequent MRIs indicated that everything was back to normal. She is no longer taking the MS meds.


Overcoming Mental Illness With The Carnivore Diet


Concurrently with the MS, Emily also struggled with mental illness and bipolar disorder. She took a daily cocktail of medications which included Prozac, Lithium, and Adderall. 


Even with these medications, there were many days she just couldn’t get out of bed. She felt miserable and hopeless. For Emily, it reached a point where she could not take care of her son. They both had to move in with her mother.


As already mentioned, her brother helped her to become familiar with Amber O’Hearn and the carnivore diet, which, in addition to solving her problems with MS, also provided answers for these additional conditions.


To her, the results were baffling. She had little to no willpower, but because of the carnivore diet, she slowly started to see results and gain control of her cravings. She felt joy for the first time in a long time: a vision for the future. She kept up with eating meat, becoming stronger and stronger.


Working with her psychiatrist, she’s tapered off all of her mental illness medications. She’s not had a depressive or manic episode for a long time, and to her, it’s a pretty big deal.


She’s never felt better mentally and physically and feels that the best is yet to come.


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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5 thoughts on “Emily improves bipolar disorder and MS on a carnivore diet”

  1. How do I get in touch with you Emily? I found your story interesting and would love some assistance in my carnivore journey. Thanks, Matt.

    1. Hi Emily,
      It is wonderful the success you have had on this diet. I have some concerns. I need guidance and support. Are you able to assist me?


  2. Pingback: Emily conquers bipolar disorder, depression, and Multiple Sclerosis with a carnivore diet – Confident Carnivore

  3. So grateful for you’re bravery and you’re healing success. Also grateful for your willingness to work with other to find their own path to healing. We have an epidemic of mental illness. So many people who see no way out of their mental illness and the disaster these drugs have wreaked in their lives have hope from your story. You are a guiding light in the darkness for many. Thank you.
    Lee Anne G

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