Sylwia improves gut health and hormones on carnivore diet

The Vegan Roadblock

Sylwia considers herself an ex-vegan, having trod that path for four years. During this period, she not only struggled with numerous health issues, but one year she also delved into a fruitarian diet, which meant eating mostly fruit. This shift was primarily driven by the gut issues and skin conditions she developed on a vegan diet. Consuming sprouted nuts, seeds, and other vegan staples had wreaked havoc on her digestive system, leading her to opt for a fruitarian diet. However, this new regimen brought its own challenges. Sylwia began grappling with depression so profound that she even contemplated ending her life. Alongside this, she developed a binge eating disorder which soon evolved into bulimia.

a Middle Ground on the carnivore diet

Desperate for solutions, she took medical advice to reintroduce meat into her diet. Eager to reclaim her health, she researched and tried the Leptin reset diet. This helped her manage her bulimia and binge eating disorder, essentially resetting her hunger hormones. Yet, the journey wasn’t straightforward. She explored various dietary strategies from counting macros to attempting a balanced diet. While she saw improvements on a ketogenic diet, her decision to try a plant-based keto diet soon backfired.

Her health took a dramatic turn for the worse when she developed necrotizing fasciitis, a severe infection. Hospitalized, Sylwia underwent three surgeries, two of which were to clear the infection. The heavy antibiotic treatment that followed further compromised her gut health. Post-hospital, she reverted to a cooked vegan diet, hoping it would heal her gut. Contrarily, this exacerbated her urge to binge eat, and she found herself unsatiated, no matter how much she ate.

Embracing the Carnivore Diet

The revelation for Sylwia came in the form of the carnivore diet. Two years into this dietary lifestyle, she noticed a plethora of health benefits. Her gut health made a positive turn, her skin issues cleared, and her hormones began to balance out. Moreover, her muscle mass, bone health, and overall strength saw significant improvement.

While the carnivore diet offered a myriad of meaty options, Sylwia didn’t restrict herself to just one format. She experimented with varying levels of fats, occasionally including or excluding supplements and organ meats. Notably, during a period when she underwent a heavy metal detox, she felt that organ meats like liver, kidneys, and heart played a crucial role in replenishing the nutrients in her body. Yet, she believes it’s essential for individuals to determine whether including organ meats aligns with their personal health goals.

She also observed the benefits of digestive enzymes, especially when consuming lean meats. These enzymes enhanced her energy levels and improved her food satiation. She felt satisfied quicker and more thoroughly after meals.

Overcoming carnivore diet Challenges

However, every journey has its set of bumps. Sylwia realized that many of her lingering health issues were linked to her breast implants. Upon researching breast implant illness, she found that the symptoms matched her own struggles, including continued sensitivities and a dip in energy levels. She’s confident that her path to complete healing lies in undergoing an explant surgery to remove the implants. Still, she remains optimistic, attributing her current resilience and strength to her carnivore lifestyle.

Carnivore Diet As A Sanctuary

To those considering a dietary shift, Sylwia advises understanding one’s goals first. While the carnivore diet has been her sanctuary, it may be too restrictive for others. She emphasizes the importance of personal experimentation, suggesting that everyone find their unique balance within the carnivore framework. As for her personal journey, it’s evident that her switch to a carnivore diet has been a transformative and healing experience, leading her towards a healthier future.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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