Al improved gut health and fractures on the carnivore diet

The Swift Change in Gut Microbiome

Upon shifting from a plant-based diet to one solely centered around animal products, Al observes a rapid change in his gut microbiome. Remarkably, this transformation occurs within just 24 hours. The gut not only adapts quickly but continues to remain efficient despite the diet modifications. As many believe that fiber is essential and can only be sourced from plants, Al dispels this myth. He emphasizes that ample fiber is also present in animal-based foods. For instance, while consuming cartilage or sardines with their bones, he receives his necessary fiber intake.

Redefining Health with an Animal-Based Diet

Al’s health journey is nothing short of impressive. Despite enduring numerous pathological fractures, he showcases resilience and an unwavering spirit. One look at him, and the strength he emanates becomes palpable. He has a unique arm structure due to a broken bone that wasn’t set, causing it to heal at an angle, creating an appearance akin to an extra elbow. His right femur once completely fractured in half, but today it stands strong, repaired and supported by a bar. His left femur has had its share of damage, and it too is bolstered by a bar. Moreover, a couple of his vertebral vertebrae were fractured, and he once suffered a hairline crack in his pelvis. Yet, Al’s spirit remains undeterred. He still enjoys strolls outside, covering about a mile every alternate day. His fitness regimen also includes modified push-ups and squats, which he diligently practices. Although there’s some limitation in his right arm’s mobility and long car rides become uncomfortable, Al’s zest for life is evident in his everyday activities.

Carnivore Diet: Quality Over Quantity

Quality of life takes center stage for Al. What is commendable is that he attributes his vigor and vitality mainly to his integrated protocols. At the heart of these protocols lies the carnivore diet. By embracing an animal-based diet, he has strategically eliminated potential health adversaries from his plate. Gone are the anti-nutrients like lectins, phytates, and especially oxalates, which can harm the gut barrier. For Al, the gut’s health is paramount.

Beyond Carnivore Diet: Nurturing the Gut

While the carnivore diet plays a significant role, Al pairs it with additional health measures to ensure his body’s optimal functioning. He emphasizes the importance of a healthy gut microbiome. To foster this, he uses spore-based probiotics, which not only thrive in the intestines but also produce beneficial metabolites. These metabolites, in turn, foster the growth of other essential bacteria in the gut, ensuring a balanced and thriving environment. Furthermore, he also accentuates the need to support the mucous layer lining the epithelial barrier in the gut. This proactive approach ensures that his gut remains intact, preventing unwanted particles from leaking into his bloodstream.

Boosting Immunity and Cellular Health

While diet and gut health are the cornerstones of Al’s health regime, he also taps into the power of herbal extracts. Leveraging the benefits of astragalus, echinacea, and Korean ginseng, he strengthens both his adaptive and innate immune systems. But that’s not all. Al also focuses on enhancing cellular health. He uses pulse electromagnetic field therapy to invigorate dysfunctional mitochondria. This therapy not only improves cellular health but also plays a pivotal role in staving off chronic diseases.


Al’s Advice to Fellow Journeyers

Al encourages those facing life-threatening health challenges to take their health into their own hands. He believes in the power of multiple perspectives. If one healthcare professional’s approach or response doesn’t resonate, he advises finding another who understands, empathizes, and actively supports the patient’s needs. After all, every patient’s journey is unique, and it’s crucial to have a trusted partner in the form of a healthcare professional guiding the way. Reducing stress is of the essence. Al knows that a compassionate, understanding healthcare practitioner can be instrumental in alleviating anxiety and fears, ultimately fostering better overall health.

In his journey, Al not only explores the benefits of the carnivore diet but also underscores the importance of an integrated, holistic approach to well-being. His story stands as an inspiring testament to resilience, adaptability, and the transformative power of informed dietary and health choices.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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