Sarah healed from PCOS, adrenal fatigue, depression, IBS, and eczema on a Carnivore diet

Sarah’s Struggle With Weight And Diets


Sarah is a carnivore coach with her Youtube channel, “carnivore yogi.” She always had a big problem with her weight. “I have lost 100 pounds three separate times in my life, and so I have struggled with eating disorders.”


Negative Effects Of Plant-Based Diet

Before finding Carnivore, Sarah tried many diets: “I tried doing vegan, vegetarian, paleo like you name it-I’ve tried it. I’ve tried cabbage soup diet, cleansing, like just drive yourself insane just trying to manage my weight.”


“All of that started to wreak havoc on my body; my stress levels were really high…So I was kinda ‘tanked out’ at the end of 2018.”


She had a call to action when “My doctor did my labs, and they were all pretty suboptimal. She did an ultrasound, and it showed ovarian cysts. I was really worried that I was gonna have a rupture because when I would get my cycle, I would have to stay home a couple of days because it was so severe and so painful.”


Sarah’s doctor also informed her that she was insulin resistant and had polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).


Discovering Carnivore Diet


Her plant-based diet wasn’t working. “What I thought was the best thing to do was eat a ton of greens, tons of, you know, ‘superfoods,’ lots of vegetables, and just a small amount of meat.”


This diet resulted in a lot of gut issues and pain, and Sarah “had to quit doing yoga for a little while because my joints were hurting so bad… Now that I know about oxalates, I realize, ‘Hey, you were drinking green smoothies and kale smoothies every single day, and for snacks eating handfuls of nuts.’ I was loading myself with oxalates.”


“My joints were in so much pain I literally couldn’t do yoga, and I’ve been teaching yoga for the last decade, so it’s kind of a big deal for me not to be able to practice.”


Benefits Of the Carnivore Diet


A friend who is a functional practitioner had been doing Carnivore for about five months and recommended that Sarah try it. She thought, “Okay, dude, you’re insane because, no, that’s just wrong, but you know, she looks so healthy.”


“She’s like 47 and could easily pass for 32, and if she’s doing this for five months and she’s not dead, maybe there’s something there.”


Sarah jumped right into Carnivore and immediately began seeing the benefits. “Within a couple of weeks, weight fell off my body, a ton of inflammation fell off my body, my stomach was flat for the first time, and my joints started to feel better.”


Carnivore Diet Heals Sarah’s Health Issues


When she visited her doctor recently and had another ultrasound, her ovarian cysts were completely gone. Her doctor was amazed! “I don’t typically see them go away-what have you been doing?” While she was shocked about Sarah’s diet, she agreed it was working.


Sarah’s Freedom From Food Addiction


Sarah is finally free from her food addiction issues, adding, “I feel like I don’t have a food addiction battle going on in my head all the time!”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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