Sandra heals from bloating and improves energy levels on a carnivore diet

Sandra is in her early fifties and discovered the carnivore diet through Dr. Shawn Baker’s interview on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Like many others, the concept of an all-meat diet seemed crazy to her at first, but the more she looked into it, the more she was intrigued.

“It was hard to believe that it’s something I could do,” Sandra shares. “I started slowly introducing more red meat into my diet. I started with lamb, an occasional ribeye, and eggs. I couldn’t believe how good I felt!”

It took a while for Sandra to finally eliminate starchy vegetables like kale and sweet potatoes, and to adjust to the social aspect of only eating meat while out with friends. Sandra recalls, “It was more about getting my head around how to be happy with how I feel about what I eat. It wasn’t just a physical change, but a change to my mental landscape. I realized I don’t need to care about what people think but I do need to care about how I feel overall.”

In an effort to be more transparent, Sandra joined a carnivore challenge and made the decision to share with others what she was doing. “I also invested in getting a coach. That made a really big difference for me because I could talk with somebody who was successful and who could help me learn how to approach people to talk about it and really own this. The biggest thing I’ve been working on is how to change my mental and emotional landscapes.”

One of the biggest benefits Sandra has enjoyed on the carnivore diet is not having painful bloating and digestive issues after a meal. “I cannot believe how different I feel just by eating meat, and how satisfying it is. I don’t have constipation, embarrassing bloating, or gas. I participate in 21 day challenges and I’m not experiencing any of the pain after a workout that I used to have when I was carb loading and working with trainers. I have more flexibility in my joints now than I ever have.”

Sandra also noted a rash she had on her legs disappeared over time as she adopted the carnivore diet. Also, she was encouraged when her doctor shared the excellent results from her routine colonoscopy only a few months into her carnivore journey. “It was a high moment for me when he came back and told me I’m totally fine! I saw the pictures and it was proof to me that everything was okay.”

“I’ve noticed cognitive improvements as well,” Sandra shares. “I can go hours without eating, and find I speak more clearly in meetings and on calls. I no longer have brain fog.” Sandra’s ability to deal with anger and emotions has also improved significantly, and she finds she is more balanced emotionally on the carnivore diet. “I have more energy, and that allows me more freedom to control what is going on in my life.”

For newcomers, Sandra offers some advice. “I think getting a coach is helpful. I liked having somebody to talk to who knows what I’m up against and can be a sounding board.” She also advises meal prepping and learning delicious techniques on how to cook meat.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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