Sami Manages Stage 4 Colon Cancer With A Meat Diet

My Colon Cancer Survival Story on a Meat-Only Diet


I am Sami from Japan. I am or was a terminal stage 4 colon cancer patient. A Carnivorous diet helped save my life. I’m writing this email because I would like to help people who have the same condition by sharing my story.


From Vegan to Carnivore: My Eating Disorder and Keto Diet


Let me tell you about my colon cancer survival by meat-only diet story. I was a vegan since I was 6 years old. I developed a severe eating disorder at the aged 15. The reason for such was due to my self-abusing with horrendous amounts of laxatives on an everyday basis.


I now believe that what caused the onset of my illness was fiber and laxatives. Having been bulimic for 35 years, I finally concurred with my eating disorder. In 2016 I started the keto diet. My health, in general, improved by it, yet still, I was constipated.


Incorporating Vegetables and Cancer Diagnosis


In 2018 June, I finally dove into a carnivorous diet. I really liked it. My bloating issue was almost cured, or at least so I thought.


In 2021 March, there was a lot of publicity about microbion in the gut. I was convinced by the idea of ‘feeding my gut’ theory. I started to incorporate vegetables into my diet. Of course, all my gastrointestinal symptoms made a comeback. But I pushed it believing that my gut was going to adjust to the new fibrous environment.


Secretly Eating Meat During Hospitalization


On April 7th, 2021, after eating some mushrooms, I had a dull yet uneasy sensation in my stomach. The next morning, I went to our neighbor’s hospital but they couldn’t figure out. I was sent to one of the biggest hospitals where they gave me a diagnosis of stage 4 colorectal cancer metastasized liver.


I had an intensive operation following chemotherapy. I was dying and hospitalized. But I didn’t eat hospital food looking rubbish. I ate meat secretly. I kept a carnivorous diet during my hospitalization.


Contacting Professor Seyfried for Cancer Treatment Advice


When my medical team discovered a recurrence of cancer in my liver, I sent an email to Professor Seyfried. It states:


Dear Dr. Thomas N. Seyfried,

I am writing this because I am going to have to decide on my cancer treatment. My name is Masami, 48years old female from Japan.


I had an enormous surgery in May this year. I had my ascending colon, one-fourth of the liver, appendix, and four lymph nodes taken out.


Three months later, they found another cancer cell growth in the liver.


I have been on chemotherapy since July. It’s so tough.


My surgeon is thinking that she has to give me another operation at the end of the year or January 2022 following stronger chemo.


I don’t think it will extend my life in a meaningful way.


I have watched several YouTube videos where you explain the cancer metabolism theory which I am impressed with.


I have been on a keto/carnivore diet for more than 5 years. My glucose level is well controlled. I am thinking of buying keto mojo. But I am not sure how much Gluconeogenesis is influencing cancer growth.


When it comes to Glutamine, without pharmaceutical intervention, I don’t think I can reduce the level from my system.


I would appreciate it if you could suggest any supplements or medications to create the condition where I can starve the cancer cells.


Kind regards,


He kindly replied to me with piles of documents for me to study. Suggestions were given. Some of which I followed. Actually I couldn’t follow deep keto, because I’m lifting weights and it’s my passion. My performance was compromised by the therapeutic level of ketosis.


I started to bump up my meat intake. I have been eating 120-180g of protein a day for more than 6 months while I took MRI twice to check my cancer cells. The results showed that the cancer cells in my liver didn’t change their size AT ALL. My surgeon always said that she would give me another surgery but my cancer cells are too small.


Professor Seyfried’s theory and the nutritionist who Professor referred me are not big fan of high protein intake. But I gave high meat consumption a try and It’s been successful. MEAT DOES NOT CAUSE CANCER. MEAT DOES NOT HINDER CANCER TREATMENT.


I don’t think what works for me works for every cancer patient. But it is much more effective than surgeries, chemotherapy, or radiotherapy.


I’m eating eggs and ground meat. I go to the gym at 4:00 am and lift weights.


Could l help people who are devastated cancer patients realize that a carnivorous diet is a clinically healthy way to fight cancer?



Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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  1. こんにちは、サミさん! ご自身の健康管理の成果をおめでとうございます。 幼い頃からたくさんの挑戦があった。 私は日本に6年間住んでいたので、その大変さは理解しています。

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