Matthew reversed Glaucoma, digestive disorders, and osteoarthritis on carnivore lifestyle

Matthew, who goes by Matt, says his health wasn’t much of a concern until he turned fifty. Matt describes he used to be a smoker, but he always tried to eat somewhat healthily. His eating habits were much like the Standard American Diet; however, he always tried to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.


Matt’s Health Issues Before the Carnivore Diet


Matt said when he turned fifty, he began to notice his health was taking a turn. The aches and pains he had been experiencing for years seemed to worsen. Matt also developed sleep apnea and glaucoma. Matt says he began to wonder if the rest of his life would be one medical issue after another. He says, “my life began to diminish before my eyes.”


Adding Walking to Matt’s Daily Routine


Matt decided to add walking to his daily routine. He bought a Fitbit, and while he started slow, he walked 35,000 steps in a single day at one point. Matt says he lost some weight by walking, despite still eating a Standard American Diet.


Then he broke his toe while doing yard work and was forced to stop walking. Matt says he gained back all the weight he had lost and then some in just a couple of weeks of being inactive. At that point, he knew he needed to clean up his eating habits. He says, “you can’t outwalk a bad diet.”


Realizing the Importance of Diet


Matt initially started with intermittent fasting. He says he started with a 16/8 schedule and slowly shortened his eating window until he got down to eating one meal a day. Matt says he then started following the paleo diet, which included a lot of vegetables and plants.


Discovering the Carnivore Diet


One day Matt was listening to the Joe Rogan podcast when he heard an interview with Dr. Shawn Baker. At first, he thought Dr. Baker’s all-meat diet sounded far-fetched but decided to try it. Matt says his pain went away after just a few days of eating steaks.


Positive Changes on the Carnivore Diet


Months later, he was able to lose weight and eliminate his sleep apnea and his glaucoma. Additionally, Matt was dealing with the beginnings of COPD from years of smoking before the carnivore diet but no longer had any issues.


Matt also says his teeth used to crack very easily, but he hasn’t had any dental problems since he started the carnivore way of eating. Even more so, he has noticed he no longer gets sunburn, even when he is in the sun for hours a day.


Matt’s Current Carnivore Diet and Exercise Routine


Matt says he is currently lifting weights for exercise and hopes to gain muscle and lose more fat. Matt still follows the one meal-a-day model on days he works but says he often eats two meals a day when he isn’t working.


Most of his meals consist of beef, lamb, or eggs. Matt has found fatty cuts of meat help him feel at his best. Matt also says he tried to give up coffee but decided he was okay with drinking a cup or so of black coffee daily, and he loves snacking pork rinds.


Matt’s Encouragement to Try the Carnivore Diet


Matt is grateful that he can now look forward to his future and his health thanks to the carnivore diet. Matt says he encourages anyone interested in the carnivore way of eating to try it. He says, “you’re going to feel so good.”


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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