Martin heartburn and sleep on a carnivore diet

Martin’s Health Issues and Frustrations with Healthcare Advice

Martin had heartburn “every single day.” Looking back, he is a little frustrated with the healthcare advice that he was receiving at the time, noting that “My doctor prescribed me Prilosec and never asked me what I ate!? Prilosec didn’t do anything.”


Importance of Diet and Lifestyle in Healthcare

When he thought about the rest of his medical experience in light of his carnivore diet improvements, he added, “Interesting that not one single doctor has ever asked me about what I eat!” It is a common observation that stems from how heavily our healthcare system relies on pharmaceutical interventions to treat symptoms as opposed to utilizing diet and lifestyle to promote wellness and healing.


Martin’s Health Improvements with Carnivore Diet

He was also experiencing problems with his sleep, saying, “I never slept very well either.” Martin was having one problem leading to another and found that “headaches were common on a daily basis. Martin’s joints were always hurting, and he says, “I had a hard time recovering after workouts my knees and elbows were in pain. Always! There’s probably more issues than I even remember.”


Carnivore Diet’s Impact on Martin’s Life and Family

Martin was just always tired and knew that this was not a normal situation that he was experiencing. In his search for relief, Martin “took a lot of over the counter pain meds” but of course, these only provided temporary relief at best. Many, such as NSAIDS, are also very harmful to the human gut lining, causing leaky gut and chronic inflammation.


Martin began eating a ketogenic diet in August 2019 “cause I needed to feel better, badly. I went on to carnivore in early October 2019 and then things really took off.” Martin really wasn’t doing the diet out of any desire to lose weight, but instead to solve all of his discomforts and health problems.


Martin’s Quick Health Progress on Carnivore Diet

Martin feels like his whole life has changed as a result of the carnivore diet. “I’m turning 42 in 2 weeks. I’m enjoying working out. I recover well, inflammation is gone, no more aching joints. I’m stronger than when I ate a carb-based diet. Basically a plant-based diet I guess. Never even realized how much plant food I was eating until I started carnivore.”


His improvements have spread into other parts of his life, making being a family man an easier job. He says, “My BP is good(117/78). I have a lot of energy and I sleep well. I workout before work in the mornings and when I come home from work I have plenty of energy for my family. I didn’t used to. So that’s really awesome.”


Martin has seen his health improve so quickly in a short time that he is amazed. “So 3 and a half month on a ketogenic diet, 1.5 month on carnivore, and I’ve never felt better.” Martin says he has “No more heartburn, inflammation is gone, no more headaches. Never going back to eating SAD. Oh yeah, and mood is better as well…” That’s a lot of progress, Martin!

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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