Lindy improved prediabetes and thyroid on a carnivore diet

Introduction: A Struggle for Change

In the bustling city of Melbourne, Lindy’s journey is not just another story of dieting; it’s a profound quest for health and self-acceptance. Born into a family where food is synonymous with love and celebration, her Italian-English heritage means meals are more than just sustenance—they are a way of life. However, this deep-rooted connection with food soon becomes a double-edged sword.

Early Struggles and Constant Battles

As a child, Lindy grapples with feelings of low self-esteem, often finding solace in the comfort of food. This coping mechanism sets the foundation for a lifelong struggle with weight. Growing up, she watches her weight balloon, reaching a concerning 300 pounds by her mid-twenties. Despite trying various diets—from calorie counting to intermittent fasting—each attempt leads to a brief loss, followed by regaining even more weight. This cycle continues, with her health steadily declining, leaving her feeling hopeless and trapped in her own body.

The situation reaches a critical point in 2016 when Lindy’s health plummets. Tipping the scales at 770 pounds, she faces a slew of health issues: prediabetes, thyroid problems, sleep apnea, and deteriorating eyesight, to name a few. Her 50th birthday marks a pivotal moment—she realizes that her life is at stake and that urgent changes are needed. It’s during this time of desperation that Lindy stumbles upon the ketogenic diet. While intrigued, she finds its complexity and restrictive nature overwhelming.

The Carnivore Diet: A Radical Shift

It’s not until Lindy comes across Dr. Ken Berry’s videos that she encounters the carnivore diet. Initially skeptical, the simplicity of the diet—focusing solely on meat—piques her interest. Tired of complicated meal plans and fluctuating weight, Lindy decides to embrace this radical approach. The idea of eating only meat seems counterintuitive, but the desperate need for change outweighs her doubts.


The transition is challenging. Lindy struggles with emotional eating and the psychological aspects of consuming only meat. Seeking support, she connects with Emily, a coach from Steak and Buttigang. Emily’s guidance and encouragement prove invaluable, helping Lindy navigate through the tough initial phase of the diet.

A Transformation Beyond Weight Loss

After 22 months on the carnivore diet, Lindy’s transformation is nothing short of miraculous. She loses an incredible amount of weight, dropping to 293 pounds. More importantly, she witnesses a remarkable improvement in her overall health. Prediabetes, migraines, and severe joint pains become things of the past. She experiences newfound mental clarity and energy levels she hasn’t felt in years.

The carnivore diet does more than just alter Lindy’s physical appearance; it revolutionizes her entire life. She discovers a newfound ability to make healthier choices and no longer turns to food for emotional comfort. For Lindy, the carnivore diet’s success lies in its ability to provide a mental ‘off switch’ for food cravings—something she never experienced with other diets.

Conclusion: Embracing a New Chapter

Lindy’s story is a powerful narrative of transformation, resilience, and hope. It highlights the profound impact dietary changes can have and the importance of finding a personalized path to health. Her journey with the carnivore diet is a testament to the idea that sometimes, unconventional methods can lead to life-changing results. Lindy’s experience inspires and offers hope to many who struggle with similar issues, showing that with determination and the right approach, it’s possible to reclaim one’s life and health.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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