Lindsay reduced anxiety and acne on a carnivore lifestyle

Introduction to Lindsay’s Journey


Lindsay learned about the carnivore diet through her boyfriend. Like many people, Lindsay ate a diet she describes as “garbage” before prioritizing her health. Lindsay says she ate a lot of surgery foods and alcohol. She found herself overweight and struggling with anxiety and acne. Her boyfriend started a ketogenic diet, and Lindsay, by default, joined him because he cooked most of their meals.


The Keto Diet


Lindsay describes her keto diet as better than her eating before, but she still had cheat days. She ate a lot of chicken, practically no red meat, and often ate keto desserts. Her boyfriend then transitioned to a carnivore diet, so after a few months, Lindsay also joined him. She says her transition was relatively easy as she did not experience adverse side effects shifting from the keto diet to the carnivore diet. She credits her experience with the keto diet as helping her transition to the carnivore diet.


Transition to the Carnivore Diet


Lindsay and her boyfriend have lost a lot of weight between them. Lindsay is only five feet tall and describes herself as being on the short or small side. Before she started prioritizing her health, she weighed 150 pounds. Her excess weight was putting a lot of pressure on her small frame. Now Lindsay weighs approximately 115 pounds, depending on the time of her monthly cycle, which is a much healthier weight for her body.


Benefits of the Carnivore Diet on Lindsay’s Health


Lindsay had also noticed a significant difference in her anxiety from when she started the carnivore diet. She says before the carnivore diet, she used to rely on CBD to control her extreme anxiety. Lindsay also says she didn’t realize how badly her day-to-day anxiety controlled her life until she started following the carnivore diet. She says she only relies on CBD occasionally, and her daily anxiety is gone.


Lindsay says the carnivore diet has also improved her confidence, as she no longer has regular acne breakouts. She says she was surprised how much the carnivore diet has cleared up her skin, and now rarely gets a breakout. Her workouts have also become much easier as Lindsay has found she has more energy. She also shared that as a runner, she used to get shin splints all the time and struggled with recovery from arduous workouts. Now, she rarely gets shin splints, and her recovery is much faster.


Lindsay’s Weight Loss Journey on the Carnivore Diet


Lindsay says a typical day for her includes eating a lot of red meat, a change from when she ate mostly chicken on the keto diet. She says she has learned much about red meat and often enjoys steaks and bunless hamburgers. She also enjoys dairy, especially cream in her coffee, eggs, bacon, sausage, and grilled shrimp.


The Impact of the Carnivore Diet on Lindsay

Lindsay says the carnivore diet has brought her closer to her boyfriend and made their relationship easier. When asked what advice she would give someone starting the carnivore diet, she stated, “the diet makes you feel like a whole new person.” Lindsay feels very passionate about sharing her experience with the carnivore diet with others and says, “it is the best thing” she’s ever done.

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