Lara improved her malabsorption on a fasting, carnivore lifestyle

Lara’s Health Journey


Hi there,


My name is Lara. Dawn Leighton is a good friend of mine, and I have been doing Carnivore on fish and eggs for almost two years.


I gave up dairy (except butter), caffeine, coffee, and tea on January 1st. My original plan was to go keto with my mom, but it quickly went to Carnivore because Dawn convinced me how much easier it did not need to count anything.


From Failed Diets To Carnivore And Fasting


Well, shortly after that, I started experimenting with fasting. I have been obese my entire life. I went to a fat camp at 12 years old and was ruthlessly picked on at school, especially middle school.


Honestly, I tried everything from diet pills (fen-phen), weight watchers, Jenny Craig, and gastric bypass to juice fasting. Nothing I did worked, and I kept gaining weight. I felt like a broken human being. I had lost a lot with my Roux-n-Y surgery which I got 18 years ago just after meeting my now husband.


After the three kids and not figuring out why I got obese, to begin with, I steadily gained quite a bit of weight back over the years. I even had gestational diabetes with my firstborn. I was headed down a terrible road. So, once I found Carnivore and fasting, I finally understood the role that high insulin played in particularly my obesity.


My main focus since I started has been keeping ketones high and glucose low to have the healthiest metabolism. I regularly check my blood glucose and blood ketones to know myself from the inside out.


The Importance Of Fasting And Nutrient-Dense Food


Since January 1st, I have made the most progress I have ever seen in my body. Giving up dairy and caffeine was a part of that, but I also do a lot of fasting, both extended and intermittent.


When I feed, I eat a lot, and I only eat nutrient-dense food. High fat is vital to me, too, in order to keep me satiated.


I am happy to be able to say now that I weigh a lot less than when I was at fat camp when I was 12 years old. I have honestly never seen my body look like this before.


I keep walking by the mirror to check to make sure I am not dreaming. For the longest time, I wished to live in someone else’s body because I was so disconnected from my own. My legs finally have shape instead of being tree trunks.


Now, I say what, when and how often I eat are instrumental to my success. Fasting is just as important as what I feast on. Fasting lowers my insulin like nothing else and keeps me metabolically healthy.


I was so damaged from all the dieting I did in the past. If I eat too many days in a row, my blood sugars start to creep up. I can also feel that my body is now craving a fasting day here and there.


The Role Of High Insulin In Obesity


I am now almost to my ultimate goal. I expect to be there by the end of June. I get my blood checked every six months due to malabsorption issues I no longer have. I take no supplements or medication.


The plan, once I get to the final goal, will be to continue fasting two days a week, both combined and spread out, to keep my blood sugars stable and insulin low. This will be the first time in my life that fat loss will no longer be a goal. Fasting, for me, is a sustainable and vital part of my health journey. It is my mindset.


I am furious that I had been lied to and brainwashed my entire childhood on faulty, unproven science. Once I figured out that insulin was the problem, I was unstoppable. The first half of my life was filled with pain and self-doubt, but the last half will be medication, inflammation, and disease free.


The bottom picture was me as a teen vs. me now. It has been an amazing journey, for sure.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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5 thoughts on “Lara improved her malabsorption on a fasting, carnivore lifestyle”

  1. Thank you for your inspirational story!

    I had gastric bypass 17 years ago and have major absorption issues. I’m so encouraged by your candor and your success. Congratulations!

  2. I’m so happy for you and completely relate to your years of being picked on in school (by kids and adults, alike) and your frustrations at being lied to for decades and being told you were the problem rather than the diet. Thank goodness you found your way to the carnivore lifestyle. All the best 🙂 #MeatHeals #MeatRx

  3. I find this inspiring but a lot of questions? Bowel movement ? At the beginning and mid carnivore to change after you stopped with the dairy products or a cheese I should say did you try other meats before just going to fish and eggs was it a digestion issue

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