Julia reached pre-pregnancy weight, reduced thyroid medication on a carnivore lifestyle

Julia’s Health Struggle Before the Carnivore Diet

Julia has been struggling with weight and several other health issues for most of her life. Before finding the carnivore way of eating, Julia had psoriasis, hypothyroidism, joint pain, leaky gut, and depressive moods. She also had painful warts on the bottoms of her feet, making walking difficult.


The Journey to the Carnivore Diet

Julia says she learned about the carnivore diet from her husband, who watched videos on YouTube and listened to podcasts featuring Dr. Shawn Baker and other carnivore advocates. She says she was open to the lifestyle, but she and her husband felt it was a bit extreme. In 2018, she dabbled with the ketogenic diet, but when her daughter was born in April 2019, she seriously considered following the carnivore diet.


Julia says she gained fifty pounds during her pregnancy and ate a lot of ice cream during the first six weeks of her daughter’s life. To add to the problem, Julia also lost a lot of blood during her daughter’s birth, making her body low in iron and considered anemic. She also struggled with even more intense depression during the first several weeks of her daughter’s life. She knew she needed to make some significant changes.

Julia says transitioning to the carnivore way of eating was relatively easy for her. She doesn’t enjoy vegetables, so it was easy to exclude them from her diet. Julia also says that she initially experienced a headache and a “belly rumble”; however, she immediately began to feel better the longer she followed the carnivore diet.


Benefits of the Carnivore Diet for Julia

Since she has been following the carnivore lifestyle, Julia says she has been able to reduce her thyroid medications, and warts on the bottom of her feet are gone. She has also seen improvement in her psoriasis. Julia has returned to her pre-pregnancy weight, although she plans to lose more. Julia has also gained a lot of energy since starting the carnivore diet and says she can easily keep up with her young daughter.

Julia’s Daily Routine on the Carnivore Diet

A typical day for Julia now includes eating one to two times per day, depending on her activity level. She says she eats various meat, including beef, pork, chicken, and eggs. Julia also says she eats liver which has helped her iron levels from losing so much blood during her daughter’s delivery. And she enjoys cheese approximately once per week.


Perhaps the most significant improvement has been Julia’s relationship with food. She describes previously feeling hungry most of the day and often binge-eating on carbs. Julia says now, when she feels like binge eating, she eats more fat to curb her addiction.


The MeatRx Community and Julia’s Role as a Coach

Julia is a member of the MeatRx community. She says she loves the resources the MeatRx community provides. She feels like she is learning a lot and has even used the site as a resource when other friends or family in her life express doubts about this way of eating.


Julia has also become a MeatRx coach because of how the carnivore lifestyle has changed her health. She says her philosophy as a coach is to encourage her clients to “listen to their bodies.” She also says she can empathize with her clients, “I know how it feels to be sick and tired.” Overall, Julia is excited about her journey as a coach. She is also thankful for all the ways the carnivore way of eating has changed her life.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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