March 27, 2021

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Paul resolved snoring and headaches and has better health on the carnivore lifestyle

Paul has been relatively healthy for most of his life. He hasn’t been a person who has struggled with weight, and he says his diet before the carnivore way of eating was meat-based with a lot of vegetables and fruit. Health wasn’t a big concern until his wife broke her foot six years ago. Paul said his wife was in

Julia reached pre-pregnancy weight, reduced thyroid medication on a carnivore lifestyle

Julia’s Health Struggle Before the Carnivore Diet Julia has been struggling with weight and several other health issues for most of her life. Before finding the carnivore way of eating, Julia had psoriasis, hypothyroidism, joint pain, leaky gut, and depressive moods. She also had painful warts on the bottoms of her feet, making walking difficult.   The Journey to the

Coty improved depression, anxiety, psoriasis, and body composition on a Carnivore diet

Coty’s Struggle with Weight, Psoriasis, and Mental Health   Coty has struggled with his weight most of his life. He says he has tried every diet out there but struggled with counting macros and calories, timing meals, and overall, always felt hungry and never satiated. Coty was diagnosed with psoriasis as a child and said the creams and other medications

Will transformed is life with the carnivore lifestyle

Will has completely transformed his life and his health with the carnivore diet. He says his diet was horrible for many years, and his eating habits finally caught up to him. Will often ate fast food two times a day, cooked his dinner, and indulged in a midnight snack– usually Fritos and salsa. Will said throughout his life, he would

Inge eliminated anxiety disorder & pain and healed skin and gut issues on a carnivore diet

From Ballet to Bariatric Surgery: Inge’s Health Journey Inge was very active during her childhood and teen years. She says she was athletic and spent a lot of time training in ballet. During this time, Inge ate whatever she wanted. Her body could burn all the calories and carbohydrates because she was constantly training. Looking back, she recognizes she was

Nicola cleared her skin, no more cravings and sleeps better on a carnivore lifestyle

Nicola’s Journey to the Carnivore Diet   Nicola has been working on her health since 2018, and she’s never going back. Like many carnivore diet followers, Nicola started on the ketogenic diet. She says she was working with a personal trainer at the time, and the trainer recommended the keto diet. Since starting the keto diet, Nicola has lost over

Craig healed gut, migraines, sleep, and sinusitis on a carnivore lifestyle

Craig’s Struggle with Migraines Craig has spent almost forty years struggling with debilitating migraines. Craig is someone who has always been into health and fitness. Craig is a bodybuilder and says he thought he was eating clean, but he followed a high-carbohydrate and low-fat diet for most of his life.   Craig’s first migraine occurred when he was just twenty

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