Will transformed is life with the carnivore lifestyle

Will has completely transformed his life and his health with the carnivore diet. He says his diet was horrible for many years, and his eating habits finally caught up to him. Will often ate fast food two times a day, cooked his dinner, and indulged in a midnight snack– usually Fritos and salsa. Will said throughout his life, he would try to improve his eating habits, usually by cutting his calories. However, he found that cutting calories wasn’t sustainable and usually did nothing to curb his appetite.


The Consequences of Poor Eating Habits

By the time Will was in his early to mid-forties, he was morbidly obese, weighing over 345 pounds. Will also suffered from many ailments, including Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), digestion and gut issues, sleep apnea, joint pain, edema of his feet, ankles, and tongue, muscle cramps, sinus issues and allergies, and imbalanced hormones.


Discovering the Carnivore Diet

In December 2019, Will was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Will said when his doctor diagnosed him with diabetes, he was told he would need to be on diabetic medication for the rest of his life. Will describes not feeling comfortable with being on prescription drugs long-term. He began looking into an alternate route to heal his body.


Will began to learn about the ketogenic diet, leading him down a “rabbit hole” to the carnivore diet. Will describes listening to the Joe Rogan podcast, where he first heard Jordan Peterson share his success with the carnivore diet. From there, Will listened to Jordan’s daughter Mikhaila Peterson and Dr. Shawn Baker describe their journeys.


The Benefits of Going “All-In” on the Carnivore Diet

In late February 2020, Will decided to go “all-in” on the carnivore diet for thirty days. Will lost twenty pounds the first month on the carnivore diet, and another twenty-five pounds the second month of the diet. During the first few months following the carnivore lifestyle, Will’s job became remote as concerns for the Covid virus rose. When he returned to his office building months later, Will says many of his coworkers didn’t recognize him. He describes one of his coworkers who told him he didn’t look like the same person, to which Will responded, “welcome to the real me.”


One Year Later: Will’s Incredible Results

As of this recording, Will now weighs 172.2 pounds and states, “I’m officially half the person I used to be.” Besides weight loss, Will has also gained an enormous amount of energy. He says he is no longer struggling to stay awake at his desk. Additionally, his ailments, from his gut issues to his joint pain, have all improved since starting the carnivore diet.


Will has followed the carnivore diet for over a year and enjoys its simplicity. He also says several people in his work circle, especially, have become interested in the carnivore diet since seeing Will’s incredible results. Will says his advice for anyone looking to start the carnivore lifestyle would be “don’t leave yourself an out.” He recommends making a “firm decision” to better your health and committing to the diet entirely for thirty or ninety days without room for error. Will is grateful that this way of eating has changed his life and has no plans to look back.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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