Nicola cleared her skin, no more cravings and sleeps better on a carnivore lifestyle

Nicola’s Journey to the Carnivore Diet


Nicola has been working on her health since 2018, and she’s never going back. Like many carnivore diet followers, Nicola started on the ketogenic diet. She says she was working with a personal trainer at the time, and the trainer recommended the keto diet. Since starting the keto diet, Nicola has lost over one hundred pounds of weight.


The Benefits and Challenges of the Ketogenic Diet


Nicola says the keto diet, for her, was always meat-based. Her meals revolved around meat and a non-starchy vegetable, like steak and broccoli. However, she would occasionally indulge in a keto treat. Nicola says things had been going well with the keto diet.


In addition to losing weight, she noticed her anxiety was improving. Nicola also says her moods improved, and she was becoming more confident. However, she was still struggling with panic attacks and bloating.


Transitioning to the Carnivore Diet: Challenges and Successes


In late 2020, she decided to try the carnivore diet. She says initially transitioning from the keto diet to the carnivore diet wasn’t hard, other than she fought several cravings, especially for dairy.


In January 2021, she eliminated dairy and immediately noticed she was less bloated. She says her family also began noticing changes in her, especially in her moods, confidence, and energy levels.


Nicola’s Current Carnivore Diet: What She Eats and How She Fasts


Today Nicola eats two meals a day and says she does fast a little. She also enjoys a variety of meat on the carnivore diet. Nicola eats beef, eggs, fish, pork, chicken, and lamb. She says she eats organs, but only in a pate form, as she doesn’t particularly like the taste of them otherwise.


Nicola’s Willpower and Support System


Nicola admits she enjoys experimenting with what works best for her body. She plans to try the lion diet within the next month.


The lion diet is based on the carnivore diet; however, it is more strict because it is based on eating salt, water, and ruminant animal meat like beef, lamb, and bison. Nicola says she loves beef, particularly steak, so she is looking forward to trying the lion diet.


Nicola admits she also has a lot of willpower. Nicola is very strict with herself and says she doesn’t have a lot of support around her. While her family and friends have acknowledged how the carnivore diet has changed her life, none seem willing to try it.


Nicola says she has a friend or two that follow the keto diet, but overall she is the only carnivore diet follower in her circle of family and friends. She says everyone has their journey, so she doesn’t judge others for not wanting to try this way of eating.


Sharing the Carnivore Lifestyle: Nicola’s Online Platform


Nicola does say, however, if anyone in her life did decide to give the carnivore way of eating a try, she would encourage them. She knows this lifestyle has improved her life and believes it can do the same for others who want to try it.


Nicola also says she likes to share her journey online and even has an Instagram platform dedicated to sharing her carnivore lifestyle with others. She believes wholly in this way of eating and is looking forward to where it will take her.


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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