Jules improved mental health and got off meds on a carnivore diet

Jules came to carnivore because of his struggles with mental illness. He found people in the community who had recovered from depression, anxiety, and eating disorders eating meat.


Jules is now a Carnivore.Diet coach. He feels his experiences can give people hope for healthy and happy lives.


At age 7, his family moved away from his grandparents, who fed him sausage, bacon, and eggs. When he started eating the low-fat, high-carb foods his parents thought were healthy, his life completely changed. He gained an enormous amount of weight and was anxious. “I went from an extremely happy little boy to extremely timid and shy.”


Since adolescence, Jules has suffered from anorexia and bulimia. At 17, he started seeing a psychiatrist for chronic depression. He was diagnosed with bipolar l in 2008.


For over 20 years, Jules experienced mental illness.


In 2008, he couldn’t function day to day—he worked for a bit and then would get tired, and his brain would shut down. “I couldn’t function at a job or at school.” For six years, Jules was unable to work.


Last year, he used crutches or a cane to walk. He was in constant pain and mental anguish.


He tried for three years to manage his mental health using medication but was constantly depressed and gained 200 pounds.


Jules thought it was incredible that people healed from their mental illnesses by eating carnivore. He decided to try it.


Jules’ Transformation on the Carnivore Diet


After three weeks of eating steak with butter, Jules thought, “When was the last time I had a negative thought or anxiety?” With less anxiety, he was able to fall asleep at night.


After three months on carnivore, Jules went to Disneyland with his kids. Before, he couldn’t go to the park. They walked around all day, and Jules had energy and no anxiety. He was still severely obese, but it didn’t matter because he felt good. He knew that walking was good exercise.

Last year, Jules was barely able to walk, and now he goes to the gym and leg presses 540 pounds. He’s getting stronger and building muscle.


He’s been carnivore for nine months and has more energy, better concentration, and can work longer hours. “I’m consistent. I show up. I don’t have bad days anymore.”


The Benefits of Eating Carnivore for Mental Health


Jules eats all cuts of beef, eggs, butter, and some bacon. He no longer has eating disorders and feels satiated after his meals.


At 39, Jules can finally pursue his dreams. Before, Jules’ illnesses always got in the way.


Jules used to focus on psychology as a healing path for mental illness. Now he understands the role that nutrition plays in mental illness. He believes mental illness is often a result of malnourishment. ”People aren’t eating the right nutrient-dense foods.”


Carnivore Diet as a Way to Help Families Thrive


His family eats carnivore too. His daughters are thriving. They have stable moods, energy to play, and they’re happy.


“As a father, it’s the best thing to see, when your kids are doing so well.”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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