May 6, 2022

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Cindy gets off blood pressure medication on carnivore diet

Struggle with Weight Loss and Health Issues   My name is Cynthia (Cindy). I’m 63 years old (almost 64) and am about 5’4”. I got married in 2004. My husband is Type 1 Diabetic-diagnosed when he was 2, and he also has Cervical Dystonia, diagnosed in 2016.   I had been morbidly obese most of my adult life, had high

Sade manages her borderline personality disorder on a carnivore diet

Sade’s Struggle with Mental Health    My name is Sade. I’m 28 years old and live in Mexico, and I am from London, UK. I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder in 2015 and had also been dealing with Anxiety and Depression for years prior to being diagnosed.   Seeking a Diagnosis for Autism   I tried to talk to

Charity’s improved pregnancy experience on a carnivore diet

From Vegetarian to Carnivore: Charity’s Journey   Charity is a carnivore coach who previously was a vegetarian for over ten years, “super grain heavy, super bean heavy.” She was experiencing severe gut issues and “had chronic constipation for three solid years. Every single day I dealt with this.” She would also get hungry, very emotional, and sweaty when she was

Jules improved mental health and got off meds on a carnivore diet

Jules came to carnivore because of his struggles with mental illness. He found people in the community who had recovered from depression, anxiety, and eating disorders eating meat.   Jules is now a Carnivore.Diet coach. He feels his experiences can give people hope for healthy and happy lives.   At age 7, his family moved away from his grandparents, who

Marti healed leaky gut on a carnivore diet

Marti’s Journey: From Cancer Diagnosis to a Carnivore Diet   In 1998, Marti was on active duty in the US Navy. Two years after her son was born, she “came down with a very rare form of back cancer. “I was five foot four, and 228 pounds, and they told me my cancer was so rare they didn’t know how

Kristen feels alive for the first time on a carnivore diet

Kirsten was obese her whole life. When she was in first grade, she weighed 99 pounds. The woman weighing her said, “Oh, you weigh more than I do.”   Kirsten will never forget that moment.   Kirsten’s Struggle with Obesity   Her family frequently had snacks at bedtime. Kirsten recalls eating ice cream sundaes in Tupperware containers before bed.  

Dunja healed Hashimoto’s and Alex healed perforated colon

Dunja and Alex’s Health Struggles Before the Carnivore Diet   Dunja describes their diet before carnivore as a healthy version of the Standard American Diet—home-cooked food, no junk food, meat, vegetables, and fruit. Alex adds that he did eat a lot of nuts and grains, thinking they were healthy.   Dunja found it very hard to focus, tired easily, and

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