Kristen feels alive for the first time on a carnivore diet

Kirsten was obese her whole life. When she was in first grade, she weighed 99 pounds. The woman weighing her said, “Oh, you weigh more than I do.”


Kirsten will never forget that moment.


Kirsten’s Struggle with Obesity


Her family frequently had snacks at bedtime. Kirsten recalls eating ice cream sundaes in Tupperware containers before bed.


At her heaviest, Kirsten weighed 350 pounds. Her doctor never addressed her weight and prescribed medications like metformin.


Kirsten remembers being on the verge of death. She describes going up and down stairs at home as so painful that she would have to take the stairs one at a time and rest in between. Also, Kirsten couldn’t feel her feet or legs in the morning. She needed to stand in place for a few minutes before taking a step.


Kirsten had “horrible, horrible psoriasis” and red, swollen patches on her skin.


The Impact of Kirsten’s Diet on Her Health


Before Kirsten tried the carnivore diet, she eliminated dairy, grains, legumes, and all forms of sugar. She ate meat, some vegetables, and fruit. After one week, she could feel her feet in the morning and had no pain walking down the stairs. “I felt amazing, and I knew, on that 7th day, I was never going back.” Kirsten continued eating this way for about a year.


She saw her doctor and told him what she had eliminated from her diet. His response was, “That’s not good for you. You need the grains and dairy.”


Kirsten’s Carnivore Diet Journey


About a year later, Kirsten started her carnivore journey. One day, she just decided to eat only meat. “I had no issues switching.”


Her skin had shown a marked improvement. The dark spots all disappeared, and her skin was firmer. “I feel like I’m aging in reverse.”


Although her blood work when she ate a meat and veggie diet was good, her labs while eating carnivore revealed “perfect numbers.” The hospital couldn’t believe that she wasn’t taking any medication.


When she was eating the Standard American Diet, she constantly ate. Now she eats one or two meals a day and has “a ton of energy.”


Kirsten listens to her body and believes, “Our bodies tell us exactly what we need.” Some days she craves ribeye, other days, chicken.


“I love meat. I think it’s more satisfying than meat and veg.”


“I eat a lot.” Kirsten loves chicken wings, pork belly, and duck eggs.” My body craves a lot of fat sometimes.” One of her favorite foods is dipping chicken wings in duck egg yolks.


Benefits of the Carnivore Diet for Kirsten and Her Advice


Kirsten says this is the best thing she has done for herself. The Carnivore.Diet community is very supportive, and she needs it. Every day she listens to a carnivore podcast to surround herself with like-minded people.


Kirsten’s advice for others: “Give it 30 days and think about all the benefits that will come from it. You will feel better and have so much energy.” And surround yourself with people on the same journey as you—find your tribe of people who support you.


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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