James improved his mental health on a carnivore diet

James’s Journey To Improved Health And Body Composition


James has been pursuing health for decades, working hard and “training for physical health.” Through this journey, he participated in many different sports, from martial arts to build up his physique for bodybuilding. He also participated in strongman sports, which is a powerlifting strength discipline.


James had some ongoing health problems and had to use inhalers to control his asthma. In addition, he found that maintaining a stable emotional life was a challenge, and he had to take medications to stabilize his mental health. He also “always had body issues,” and these just fed into the circle of problems.

Discovering Nautilus And The Carnivore Diet


In his ongoing search to find more ways to improve himself, James looked for another gym and found one that offered a new training system he hadn’t worked with before, Nautilus. After that, he “Finally discovered carnivore” and, of course, also “discovered Dr. Shawn Baker, got the book, and got the bug.”


Improvements In Physical And Mental Health

It seems the contributions of Dr. Baker are responsible for many of us finding this way of eating and saving our health!


One morning, in particular, showed James that he was on the right track to restore his health and improve to the next level: “One morning in January 2020, I woke up with such clarity of mind, felt like I had a goal and focus.”


Over the next three months, James felt better and better and found that his chronic problems started to just go away: “Since then, I’ve noticed vast improvements in physical health – use of inhalers, gone, use of meds for mental health, gone.”


Losing Weight And Gaining Muscle Mass


As his body began to burn up his body fat for fuel instead of using carbohydrates, James began to see his body composition change, and the fat pounds fell away: “Up to now, I’m down from 17 stone 13 pounds to 15 stone 7 pounds.”


For those not used to the British weight system, he went from 251 pounds to 217 pounds, losing 34 pounds in just three months.


He also didn’t lose any muscle mass in the process, which means that he made great improvements in his overall body composition. In fact, he has probably gained muscle mass as he has lost weight: “I’m still strong, in fact, stronger than ever!”

Boosting Self-Esteem And Confidence


Since his physical and mental health has improved so dramatically, James has seen his whole outlook shift for the better. “I feel so much better. I always had body issues, which have now gone.”


He is now a carnivore diet believer, and he is setting a great example for the rest of us. James has learned that the carnivore movement is much more than a diet, as it can benefit so many parts of our lives.


“The journey continues…….this is not a diet. It’s a lifestyle!”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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