Cory improved his fitness and lost weight on a carnivore diet

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Cory was obese, and determined to find a way to lose weight. He says “When I started trying to lose weight, I tried everything imaginable. I tried juice cleanses, shakes, eating nothing but steamed broccoli, starving myself, etc. You name it, I tried it. My initial weight was 300+ lbs. I was in size 48 jeans (that were already stretched, so more like a 50).”

He did manage to lose some weight, but despite starving himself or eating some of those plant-based foods, his weight loss plateaued. “I was able to get down to around 250 lbs. but plateaued and couldn’t break my stall. Again, trying everything I could to get rid of my fat, I starved myself for days on end and tried eating “healthy” veggies for the majority of my intake. That failed.”

Since the body will always burn carbohydrates first, before fats, eating a diet that includes carbohydrates makes weight loss much harder than it has to be, as Cory found out. Also, starving oneself has proven time and again to not result in sustainable weight loss, as Cory’s results also show.

Cory was able to break the weight loss plateau thanks to the keto diet. He also learned how carbohydrates were affecting him: “At this point, I stumbled across keto. I tried it out and had amazing results. I dropped down to 200 lbs. in about 4 months at this point with ease. After a year of keto, I noticed that the fewer carbs I had in a day, the better I felt the following day.”

Many people find that carbohydrates in general cause inflammation and weight gain. The solution is straightforward, and quite simple. Cory got it! “So it only made sense to cut out all of the carbs all together. I have now been carnivore (zero carb) for 5 weeks and I feel amazing!”

Cory found that his energy returned to previous levels from when he was younger: “My energy is through the roof and I’m still able to workout twice a day with no supplements.”

Like many of us, Cory found that he didn’t need any protein supplements, vitamins, or other products to fill the gaps in his diet, because his all-meat diet was what his body needed. He’s enjoying the savings as well: “I’ve spent thousands of dollars over the years on supplements. Taking multivitamins, protein powders, BCAA’s, pre-workouts, etc. in the hopes of attaining a healthier me.

“Once I went carnivore, I decided that I was going to cut everything out and give this an all out chance to heal my body. I have successfully stopped the use of all supplements and notice no ill effects without them. Plus, I now have about $200 a month extra for meat.”

Cory has found the diet to power the rest of his life, and isn’t going back. “This is definitely sustainable. I don’t foresee myself getting off of an all meat diet in the future.”

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