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Coach George C loses fat, builds muscle, and heals from gut disorders on a carnivore diet

Coach George C grew up in Queens, NY, and studied engineering at Cal Berkeley, going on to work for multinational corporations in Asia after graduation and then starting own business at 30. Currently he resides in Chengdu, China (2nd-tier city known for hotpot and pandas). He has previously owned businesses and worked in China’s major cities. He has been a business owner in food and food services and a gym and has worked with fitness clubs as well as schools. He has a long-term interest in fitness and nutrition.

Gene sees improvements in gout, depression, ADHD, anxiety, and recovery from exercise

Hi, my name is Gene. As a kid I had real struggle with ADHD, emotional regulation, and depression. It was bad enough that I was often placed in a room by myself, and at one school, a closet because I was so disruptive. I found ways to cope as I moved into adulthood, but not in ways that good call healthy.

By 40 I was over 200lbs at a modest 5′ 7.5″ and going though at least a bottle of wine a night (2x on weekends) with gout and ever-increasing liver enzyme numbers and blood pressure (none of which my Docs ever commented on) and a 39in waist.

I quit drinking in November 2017, and quickly went through the typical paleo- keto- carnivore path, and by July 2018 I was fully carnivore, almost by accident.

I can’t really say how long it took, but sometime in fall 2018 I suddenly realized I hadn’t felt like dying in maybe the longest stretch of my life ever. It was amazing. I’ve held on to that since. I still struggle from time to time, but it’s nothing like it was.

I’m also gout free, with good numbers for everything but LDL, 30lbs lighter, with a 32in waist. Finally, I’ve set PRs for every lift I’ve kept track of and 10k, 10 mile, and half-marathon runs in 2022 at age 45.

Dunja healed Hashimoto’s and Alex healed perforated colon

My name is Dunja. My husband Alex and I been on carnivore diet since August 2020. In my case helped with Hashimoto’s, joint pain, dark spots on skin and gout. My husband had 14 different autoimmune issues and almost all are gone since switching to carnivore.

Tia gave up her love affair with carbs on a carnivore diet

I was heading down a bad road with lots of health problems my cousin and dear friend pushed me to change my life. To look at my illness as a carb addiction. He found Dr. Cywes to help me.

It has been a lifestyle change that has been the hardest thing I have ever done. My main goal was to reverse my type 2 diabetes and adrenal insufficiency, hypertension, and uric acid levels.

I am off about 20 medications including 160 units of Humalog by insulin pump and 50 units of Lantus each night. 200 mg metoprolol tartrate and 40 mg of lisinopril for blood pressure, triglyceride medications 145mg tricor, 300mg allopurinol, lovaza and 40mg previstatin. Predisone to make cortisol for my adrenal insufficiency or I could die I was told. CPAP for sleep apnea. Non Alcoholic Fatty liver disease that I was told I really could not do anything about.

Through the years I have had numerous tumors removed, including a radical hysterectomy and the removal of the right adrenal gland with a tumor. I went septic from a large kidney stone stuck in my ureter because of high levels of uric acid. Acute pancreatitis from taking 20 lipase pills a day.


I am currently under the care of a bariatric surgeon through telemedicine (Dr. Robert Cywes). He has gotten me to look at carbs as an addiction like you would alcohol or drugs. I know if I go back it could kill me so I take it seriously and am very passionate about this journey to wellness.

I have been eating LCHF Lowcarb High fat for 4 years now. If I would introduce carbs back in without my insulin it would be very harmful so it helps me to stay on the path because I have fear of carbs now. It has changed my life. I do cry sometimes about not being able to eat certain things but have a big support system. Like people here at home yell, “NO you can’t have that!” Then I want to pout and feel sorry for myself.

I eat mostly all animal products. Dr. Cywes suggestion to fast 16/8 was a game changer. Eating 2 meals a day. No snacks as it would be an emotional event for me to snack. I have gone from a size 22 to an 8 and I try to walk at least 30 minutes each day to keep my blood glucose number good. My A1c was an 8.1 when I started and it is now a 5.1. My triglycerides were at 300 and now they are at 59. My blood pressure is great now with no medications. My uric acid levels were as high as a 9 at one point but down to a 4.6 and have eliminated the allopurinol.

It is a struggle every day and it has not been easy but well worth it. ♥️ If it works for me I know it can work for many more. I no longer take any of those medications, have no more fatty liver and no diabetes and my uric acid levels are in the normal range. LCHF Keto/ Carnivore lifestyle has healed my body.

I was told I would be on all those medications for life. Life changing! We need to spread to word far and wide. 


Thanks for listening and hope this will touch someone’s life.

John eliminated gout symptoms and high blood pressure on a carnivore diet

After switching to a carnivore diet, John was able to come off of his medication for high blood pressure, gout and high cholesterol.


Listen to John’s success interview on the MeatRx.com podcast and hear the details of what life was like for him before carnivore and how his life has changed for the better after he made the switch!

Daniel improved his gout symptoms on a carnivore diet

After losing his father at the young age of 59, Daniel found the motivation he needed to lose weight and get in control of his health.


Daniel started to research weight loss and started down the keto rabbit hole where he also found fasting, this led him to the carnivore diet.  Since then, he no longer has symptoms of gout and has lost well over 100 lbs and gained 20 lbs of muscle.  He now enjoys eating one meal day and does body weight workouts for fitness.  

Listen to Daniel’s story on the MeatRx.com podcast here:

Erik treats asthma, obesity, focus issues, and gout on a carnivore diet

Erik is 33 years old and has enjoyed various health benefits since starting the carnivore diet, including losing 50 pounds, finding focus at work, preventing gout flare-ups, and finally being able to retire his asthma inhaler.

Erik has struggled with his weight as long as he can remember, and had been on asthma medication since age 12. An avid wrestler in middle and high school, Erik bounced between different weight classes from 135 pounds and up to 220 pounds during those years. “There was a lot of weight cutting to try to get down to a certain level. It’s always been a struggle for me.”

Following high school, Erik signed up for the U.S. Marine Corp, but was medically discharged due to his worsening asthmatic symptoms and failing lung capacity. “The doctors had to do the lung capacity test four times in order for my results to register. It was still below the normal line, so I was sent home. It was devastating!”

Soon after, however, Erik had the opportunity to be his sister’s hero and donate one of his kidneys to her as she suffered from lupus and had been unable to find a match. After donating his kidney, Erik continued eating the standard American diet and his weight increased up to 280 pounds (on his 5’7” frame.) “My mood wasn’t good at all. I was married with two kids and my mental clarity at work just wasn’t there. I came back from a trip to Amsterdam and realized I had become a ‘fat American’. I knew things had to change!” he recalls.

After trying several different approaches to eating, Erik struggled to find one that worked for him. “I still believed that fat was the problem and needed to be avoided, so the low carb approach didn’t work for me,” Erik explains. “My sister had since gone vegan to help with her health issues, but I knew personally I enjoyed meat way too much.” Erik and his wife had invested in a local cow share, so that saved them money as he transitioned to a meat-based diet.

Erik discovered the carnivore diet through Dr. Shawn Baker’s podcast as well as interviews with Jordan and Mikhaila Peterson, who follow and promote the Lion Diet. “My asthma had gotten so bad that I was using a rescue inhaler after eating to combat the inflammation.
I figured I’d give it a shot even though it sounded like the craziest thing!” Within his first ten days on the carnivore diet, Erik was able to completely come off his steroid inhalers.

The carnivore diet has been especially helpful for Erik because he discovered that avocados and green leafy vegetables actually caused him skin irritation. After fully adapting to the carnivore diet, his gout flare ups went away once he found ways to balance his electrolyte intake.

Erik’s asthma symptoms are 90% resolved in the months he’s been following the carnivore diet, and he now enjoys participating in Spartan race challenges. “This is the first time in nearly two decades that I’ve been able to push myself physically to see what I’m capable of, and not have to worry about my asthma symptoms. That kind of relief is probably unexplainable to anyone who hasn’t had an autoimmune issue.” Erik believes the fact that his life-long struggle with asthma has been resolved is the biggest proof that the carnivore diet works well for him.

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