Cara discovers better energy, mood, skin and digestion on a carnivore diet

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After eating a 100% carnivore diet for 1 year, Cara says that going zero-carb really works for her and it’s the best thing she’s ever done for herself.

Her preferred diet is beef, lots of eggs, organ meats whenever possible, some pork and some chicken when the other choices aren’t available. She has a little bit of dairy such as full-fat cheeses and plain yogurt but no milk. Intermittent fasting is also part of her regimen, mostly two meals a day, sometimes one. Her energy level seems to stay high following this routine.

Following a paleo approach for the last 4 or 5 years, Cara had always been healthy and active. She says that she really understands and likes the perspective of how a human being should eat or at least should evaluate their food choices, that is, natural things: things we are used to eating.

Although she was eating paleo, she still drank a lot of beer, probably two per day or more when socializing. However, eating carnivore has destroyed her taste for beer. She doesn’t even like it anymore which is just as well because of the money saved by not buying beer. Besides, drinking caused her to have intense cravings for junk food. Going carnivore eliminated those cravings.

She adapted to carnivore quite easily: no keto flu or low energy. Her digestion stabilized in a couple of weeks with no bloating and her mental clarity is top-notch. “I always have the ability to focus when I need to and multi-task if I need to and I have a much more stable and good mood all the time. I might be one of those co-workers that gets called perky” says Cara.

“I just feel pretty good and balanced all the time. I handle stress way better than I used to. I do think that that has to do with (the fact that) now I’m eating something that completely nourishes me and balances out blood sugar and hormones and all of the signals, all of the everything that your body needs to just kind of run at a good baseline.”

Her skin is clearer. She did have adult acne that is now gone. Her hair and nails are growing faster and are stronger. Her monthly cycle is what it should be. She feels fortunate to know that so many other women struggle with hormonal imbalances but on a carnivore diet, she has noticed improvement with a shorter monthly cycle, no cramps or irritability and a lack of PMS.

She’s noticed that even after moving, starting a new job, meeting lots of new people, especially children, neither she nor her husband got sick this year. She attributes her stronger immune system to the carnivore diet.

Cara plans to keep up the carnivore lifestyle and contribute in any way that she can.

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1 thought on “Cara discovers better energy, mood, skin and digestion on a carnivore diet”

  1. I love this! I’m 37 too and your experience has totally mirrored mine! No cravings, grounded. My caffeine habit totally got kicked. I didn’t experience the initial difficulties that folks complain about regarding diarrhea. I think it’s because I was pretty fat adapted and haven’t consumed commercial generic garbage since I was a teen despite eating considerably more carbohydrates before carnivore. Thanks for your sharing!

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