Benjamin improved fitness, hair, mood, mental health, sex on carnivore diet

I’ve been obese all the way up to the age of 16. I got into MMA and lost over 80 pounds, from 230-150. I was eating a pretty “healthy” diet to get this weight down and maintained that diet to stay in fit shape.


But I didn’t feel great. I got into fighting and had to do a lot of weight cuts (19 fights). Many of these cuts were terrible for my health.


At some fight camps, I was only eating only fruit salads, chicken breast, greens, and oatmeal. I would have to lose over 15 lbs in a week to make fight weight by starvation and dehydration. When I would get into the ring, I didn’t look like a fighter one bit. I looked weak and always had a belly.


The Toll Of Unhealthy Weight Cuts


Eventually, I took a break from the weight cuts and gained a little muscle, but I was still fat and didn’t feel great.


Through this break, I ended up terribly depressed to the point I had suicidal thoughts. I dropped out of nursing school after a year because I had no drive. My sex drive was zero, I wouldn’t even get hard from watching porn.


I was always tired, always. I didn’t want to go out and never wanted to socialize. My confidence was zero. I couldn’t talk like a normal person, always stuttering and mumbling.


I contribute all of this to my diet, bad weight cuts, and getting hit in the head.


Discovering The Solution: Keto


I didn’t have health insurance and didn’t really believe a doctor could help me. I’m not about taking medications to cure my symptoms when I want to fix what was causing these problems.


So, I did my research and eventually tried Keto. I had some success but was still fat. THEN I listened to the Joe Rogan podcast with Shawn Baker.


The Joe Rogan Podcast: A Turning Point


I said I’m doing this after listening, and it’s been ever since that podcast.


After the first year or so, I felt amazing. I was finally getting stronger in the gym. Confidence went up. Sex drive back. I got my CNA certificate, got a great job as a CNA, and went back to school for nursing.


But I was getting fat and had very dry hair on this diet. So I did some periods where I would try to eat normally again because maybe I thought it wasn’t right for me. But whenever I did this, I would never feel as good as I did when I ate only meat.


Reaping The Benefits: Leaner, Stronger, And Thriving


But now things are finally working for me. I’m getting lean while eating 2-3lbs of meat a day. My hair is getting better. And I’m making a lot of progress in the gym. I’m in over a week of doing 100-200 pull-ups a day and 200-300 push-ups a day with little sleep.


I sleep around 3-6hrs a night. My awkward ass found myself a beautiful girlfriend. I’m performing great at work. Went from a 3.0 GPA at a community college to a 4.0 GPA in a university that uses a Harvard grading scale (94-100 is an A). I am not going back ever.


I mostly eat hamburger patties because of the price. Before, I was eating once or twice a day, but now 2-4 because of how hungry I’ve been lately. I do supplement w/Boron, ashwangaha, bone meal, and vitamin C.


And I do drink about 8 cups of black coffee a day, but because I usually don’t sleep until 3 a.m. and I love coffee. I fall asleep fine and could fall asleep right after I finish work at 11:30, but due to responsibilities, I don’t get to sleep til then, and I am fine with that.


I am excited for the future because of this diet.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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