Andy improved his sleep and anxiety on a carnivore diet

Living a fast-paced life in Los Angeles, Andy downed a green juice smoothie almost every day. His diet was full of fresh fruits and vegetables, but by the time he reached his early thirties, he had become riddled with anxiety and often had low energy throughout his day. Traveling, partying, and a high-stress job were beginning to take a toll on him. “I was like a frog in boiling water,” Andy shares. “I didn’t know I was getting so unhealthy. I was unable to sleep well and would wake up shaking, and my energy would dive-bomb in the afternoon. The brain fog was horrible!”


Searching for answers, Andy reached out to a functional medicine doctor who was treating him for a shoulder injury. “I felt like I’d hit rock bottom, and I needed to do something,” Andy recalls. “It turns out I had parasites and a thyroid issue, so the functional medicine doctor got me started on the paleo diet.” Eliminating sugar helped Andy feel better, and he continued with the paleo diet for two years.

Andy’s brother introduced him to the carnivore diet, and after watching Dr. Shawn Baker’s interview with podcaster Joe Rogan, Andy put aside his skepticism about an all-meat diet, and dove in head first. “That’s when I really started to see improvements in my energy. My brain fog really started to go away, and I was finally able to maintain energy throughout the day.” Initially planning to only try it for a couple of weeks, Andy felt so much better that he continued on and has maintained a carnivore diet for over two years. “I just went right for it!” he says. “I just started piling up the ground beef and got some steaks, and a few weeks turned into a few months, and so on.”

Andy keeps his carnivore meals simple. He typically starts his day with coffee and heavy cream and will have two larger meals consisting of about 2-3 pounds of meat per day. He enjoys raw milk, and will sometimes include cheese. He recently started a cooking channel on YouTube, and enjoys sharing new recipes with the carnivore community.

With his energy back on track, Andy found a lot of success with home workouts, utilizing X3 bars and resistance bands for 15 minutes per session to build strength and get to a healthier weight. “The combination of increasing my protein and meat intake to over two pounds per day and the X3 program helped me get my weight back up.” Andy says it’s a great workout for busy people who have limited time to spend but want to get an amazing workout.

“My mind is so much more clear, and my energy levels are more consistent, which helps me with the creative work that I do,” Andy shares. He enjoys the chance to help guide others on their journey to better health through a meat-based diet. He brings a positive, encouraging energy to his sessions, and strives to help his clients find an approach that works best for them and their lifestyle.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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