October 19, 2020

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Amber improved her rosacea and acid reflux on a carnivore diet

Before switching to a low-carb diet a few years ago, Amber had a host of health problems, including obesity, severe acid reflux, rosacea, prediabetes, and high blood pressure. Now a coach who helps others along their carnivore journey, Amber shares her story about how she healed from these conditions and is off all of her medications!   Amber’s Health Struggles

Andy improved his sleep and anxiety on a carnivore diet

Living a fast-paced life in Los Angeles, Andy downed a green juice smoothie almost every day. His diet was full of fresh fruits and vegetables, but by the time he reached his early thirties, he had become riddled with anxiety and often had low energy throughout his day. Traveling, partying, and a high-stress job were beginning to take a toll

Tracy lowered her blood pressure on a carnivore diet

Tracy, a busy mom of four, lowered her dangerously high blood pressure, lost weight, reduced her medication, and overcame depression after implementing a carnivore diet.   Tracy landed in the hospital with symptoms of high blood pressure, critically low potassium and iron levels, and pre-diabetes. “It was a bad situation,” Tracy recalls. “I also had mild depression in my life, but

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