Woman loses weight, reduces medications, solves hunger on carnivore diet

From Vegetarian To Carnivore: A Surprising Twist Of Fate


A woman found great success following the Carnivore Diet for the past five months and shared her story with us. “I’m happy to share with this community as there are not enough people aware of how much we can gain from eating animal products.” Before starting the Carnivore Diet, she was obese and taking medication for high blood pressure.


The Carnivore Diet Helped Her Lose 45 Pounds And Control High Blood Pressure


Previously following a vegetarian diet, one day, she was looking online for information on a raw vegan diet. Her goal was to find a suitable diet to lose weight and fix her high blood pressure.


In a surprising twist of fate, while searching the topic of raw veganism, she came across videos on the carnivore way of eating, and that piqued her interest. “I thought to myself, that sounds intense!” but she soon discovered it was the solution she had been looking for.


After five months on the Carnivore Diet, she no longer needs to take medication to control her high blood pressure. She also lost 45 pounds and is at a healthy weight. Moreover, her mood and general outlook on life is a positive one. “I’m a happy person, and I just love it!”


A Shift In Relationship With Food: Practicality Over Emotional Eating


She describes how her relationship with food has changed and that emotional eating is no longer an issue since choosing a meat-based diet. “I do not eat because I’m sad, I don’t eat because I’m craving sweets…No, I eat simply to nourish my body and keep myself going.”


Her approach to food is from a more practical standpoint; she doesn’t eat “for fun.” She eats to get the proper nutrition her body needs. This is a common shift for many people who choose to follow the Carnivore Diet.


A Happier Life With Carnivore: No More Cravings Or Hunger Pangs


While she enjoys eating steak, she finds she doesn’t need as much food as she did before to stay satisfied, and she no longer has cravings throughout the day. “I’m never hungry like I was before. My life is just so much better!”


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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