Taylor improved his tourettes, weight and digestion on a carnivore diet

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Before the carnivore diet, I ate like many Americans which often included chips, soda, ice cream, pizza…I think you get the idea. I would try to follow the food pyramid and eat healthy by eating low fat foods, and eating more vegetables and fruits which I admit was hard to commit to. I would get bored and eat what ever I felt like multiple days a week. This eventually led me to be 264 lbs and I started developing IBS and my stamina was very low. I also frequently had uncontrollable shakes in my body which was diagnosed as Tourettes Syndrome.

I was devastated when I took a tour of the University of Utah and had to catch my breath after going up stairs to stick with the group. I immediately thought “I am 22 years old. Why am I having as hard a time as my 70 year old grandmother moving around”. That was my moment that I really committed to changing my ways. I decided living healthy and being able to do things I love doing such as basketball was more important to me than eating junk foods I loved. I went for the ketogenic diet where I ate what I wanted as long as it was under 10 carbs. I lost a good amount of weight going from 264 to between 205 and 215, but I stayed in that range for a long while. When I was introduced to the idea of the carnivore diet, I decided to try it, and my plateau actually broke. I have been on it for just over 6 months and I am now below 200 lbs, I no longer have IBS, and I can jump higher, run faster, and walk further than I have since even before middle school (grade 6-8). I also fit into a large size shirt which is the smallest since that age. I am now 26. I feel amazing and I no longer crave foods that my body simply does not need. When I walk past cereal, I am disgusted. My tourettes also has calmed down a lot. Many of my friends are skeptical about me eating only meat and animal products, but they don’t question the results. Hopefully I can get at least one person to try it along with me.

Watch or listen to Taylor’s interview on the MeatRx.com podcast below:

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