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Holly and Matt’s autistic son improves on a carnivore diet

Holly and Matt have a 19-year-old autistic son who’s been eating carnivore for a year. Wyatt was diagnosed with autism at two. Wyatt does not speak, so communication was very challenging. At 15, he was able to use a letterboard to communicate, which his parents say was “life-changing.”   Holly became interested in the carnivore diet after gaining weight. At

Rachel’s autistic daughter improves speech and communication on the carnivore diet

Rachel began the carnivore diet in March 2022. She is 30 years old and has a daughter who was diagnosed with autism when she was three.  Rachel had a stressful marriage that led to depression. Eating made her happy—at least at first—but afterward, she would feel awful. She ate lots of carbs; pasta, bread, Oreos, and sweets were the primary

Jonathan bodybuilds and manages pain on the carnivore diet

Jonathan Griffiths: Competitive Bodybuilder and Carnivore Dieter   As a competitive bodybuilder, Jonathan Griffiths brings a unique perspective to the carnivore diet. He engages in a sport that has very specific dietary challenges, and at 27 years old, his eating regimen calls for a whopping five meals a day.   While his approach is very different compared to that of

Lily healed from inflammation and digestive and skin issues on a strict carnivore diet

Lily’s Life as an Anarchist in Mexico   Lily is a self-avowed anarchist living in Mexico. She was featured in an HBO special about the anarchist movement, and her carnivore journey is also chronicled in that special: “You can see the progression of me from my pre-carnivore very sickly days until, you know, now, where I’m more or less healed

Allie Manages Her Son’s Non-Verbal Autism

Allie’s Carnivore-Based Diet Journey As a young woman, Allie Morgan battled issues that ran the gamut from IBS, seizures, migraines to bipolar disorder. After a series of health setbacks landed her in the hospital, she reached out to an uncle who had been managing his diabetes with a low-carb diet, and after delving into the literature herself, she took the

Autism tips by coach Alitheia

I am diagnosed autistic. Carnivory and going FAT adapted were definitely the game-changer, especially with digestive issues and mental clarity. Autistics often have gut issues and also can’t focus so well / brain fog and whatnot. Dr. Robert Naviaux’s hypothesis is, autistics are in a chronic CELL Danger Response state. So far there is no evidence for that, but to

Ekaterina improved digestion, hormonal health and PCOS on carnivore diet

Hi!   I am Ekaterina, a Russian-speaking Carnivore coach, and I live in Switzerland.   This is my story (sorry, I can’t write just in a few words).   First of all, I’m an ex-vegetarian (10 years) plus an ex-vegan (5.5 years).   My health wasn’t perfect since my childhood: allergies to pollen and home animals, genetic psoriasis, super sensitive

Thomas heals from arthritis, autism, and skin psoriasis on a carnivore diet

Thomas’ Early Struggles with Autism, Dyslexia, Arthritis, and Psoriasis   Thomas’ problems began at an early age: “I have been autistic and dyslexic my whole life, but I was not diagnosed as being autistic until I was an adult.   By the time I was about 44-45, I had arthritis in my neck, hands, lower back, and feet. I also

Christian improved hearing, gained weight, treated autism on carnivore diet

Diagnosed With High-Functioning Autism   Hey everyone, I’m not really autistic anymore, but I was before.   When I was 18, I was diagnosed with high-functioning autism and had all the normal issues: sensory overload, trouble communicating, and temper problems. All standard autistic behavior. However, at times I had severe impairment.   At times I could not speak for sometimes

Corina overcomes veganism and many health issues on a carnivore diet

Corina’s Carnivore Journey: From Veganism to Health Improvements   You’ll be amazed by Corina’s carnivore journey; in just six months, she was able to reverse the negative impact of veganism on her health and resolve joint pain, fatigue, migraines, and some social limitations.   Diet Diversity Across the Globe: From Dairy and Carbs to the Carnivore Diet   Corina’s health

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