Nicola lost weight, came off antidepressants all from a carnivore way of eating

Nicola’s Struggles with Weight and Health Issues


Nicola has struggled with her weight for her entire life and describes herself as always obese. Nicola says she has struggled with food cravings and binge eating, particularly with foods containing carbohydrates and sugar. Nicola has also struggled with depression, anxiety, and debilitating panic attacks. She was on antidepressants for over ten years and had difficulties leaving her home and doing everyday activities. She says, “my panic attacks made my life like hell.”


Nicola also struggled with acne on her chin and around her mouth and cold sores. Additionally, Nicola was experiencing intense fatigue and difficulty sleeping at night. She describes feeling exhausted after coming home from work but then struggling to sleep at night. Taking sleeping pills had become routine for Nicola.


Nicola’s Experience with the Ketogenic Diet


Nicola decided in 2018 to start working on her health and began the ketogenic diet. Amazingly, Nicola lost over one hundred pounds following the keto diet. However, she says the keto diet didn’t do anything else for her. Nicola still struggled with depression, exhaustion, and difficulty sleeping at night. She also found herself still craving other foods and binge eating keto treats.


Nicola’s Journey with the Carnivore Diet


In 2020 Nicola discovered the carnivore diet and decided to try it for the month of November. Since she came from an already low-carbohydrate diet, Nicola says she didn’t experience any transitional issues. Nicola says she noticed a considerable difference during the first few weeks following the carnivore diet. She says, “I felt amazing.” She saw her depression, fatigue, and ability to sleep at night all improve in just that one month and decided to continue the diet through the holidays.


Nicola’s Experiment with Eliminating Dairy


In January 2021, Nicola experimented with eliminating dairy from her diet. She says her skin became very clear during her experiment, and she felt like her binge eating was more under control. Nicola then tried to implement dairy back into her diet and found herself binge-eating cheese and other dairy products. She learned through her experiment that dairy could trigger her and cause her other cravings, and she has since given it up altogether.


Nicola’s Success with the Carnivore Diet and One Meal a Day


In April 2021, Nicola was able to go off of all her depression medications– something she never thought possible. Today, she says she does not take sleeping pills at night or feel fatigued after work. The carnivore diet gives her much more energy and stabilizes her moods. She says that she will get a cold sore occasionally, but overall not as often as she used to. 

Nicola says she sticks to eating one meal a day. She says, “I feel satisfied and comfortable.” She also says that although she eats such a big meal, she doesn’t feel bloated. She usually eats beef and bacon, as well as some eggs. She describes nowadays, grocery shopping is straightforward since her dinners contain only meat.


Nicola loves her new lifestyle on the carnivore diet. She is grateful her body has responded so well to the carnivore way of eating and looks forward to enjoying her life as a carnivore diet follower. She says, “it’s so easy.”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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