Michel improved performance on carnivore diet

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Michel has a background as a college basketball player and is a fitness influencer and actor now. He has worked at finding a diet that fits his needs and lifestyle, and found that carnivore helps.

“I’ve been experimenting with the carnivore diet since the beginning of 2019, and it’s been an interesting ride. I’ve done many different diets; I went all vegan at one point, and at first, you know, I felt great, but I think I felt great because I cut out a bunch of processed stuff. Then, because I relied so much on carbs-grains, legumes, that I was very very bloated, crazy gas, like clear out a room kind of….then I did keto, I did a bunch of stuff.”

Michel found the lifestyle through a podcast, saying, “I found carnivore from Paul Saladino, on a podcast with Gundry, and listening to his argument, I was, like, ‘man, so I don’t necessarily need vegetables!”

Michel did carnivore for a month, with “ground beef patties and I did some avocados… I heard having a little bit of fiber, like from an avocado, could help, so I never had the diarrhea.”

He lost 15 pounds in the first month, and got very lean, “so lean it was wild.” Michel realized that he could “wake up, and have a pound, pound and a half of just burgers, and I can go all day until late evening, and have that again. That’s amazing, and comes in so handy!”

Michel saw Diana Rogers and Rob Wolf on the Joe Rogan show and saw them discussing the book The Sacred Cow, and learned that there wasn’t actually much nutritional difference between grass-fed and grain-fed beef. He says that he would love to eat only grass-fed beef, for ethical reasons, but he can’t afford it and eats ground beef to stay within his budget.

Michel gets frustrated with the constant vegan push in our society. He notes that not only is beef not adding to pollution, but its production is carbon-negative: “The crazier part is that most people don’t understand at all is that a lot of these cows are on grasslands, where we like, it’s not edible, nothing there is edible for us. They can eat this inedible grass and shrubs and all this plant matter, just gross, they eat all of it and create this like this amazing animal. And regenerative agriculture, they just fertilize the soil…and it’s carbon-negative. That blew my mind!”

Michel found that being 100% carnivore made him too lean, so he incorporated some additional foods, one at a time, while looking for symptoms like “getting bloated, breaking out, get me gassy… Plantains, gassy, potatoes, I feel like I broke out more.”

He noticed that garlic, which he loves, makes him very gassy and causes him to have “garlicky burps.” Michel learned about FODMAPs like garlic and onions. He also learned that broccoli and cauliflower make him gassy. He now follows the “Saladino method,” eating beef and fruit with “a little white rice” if he goes to the gym.



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