Megan improved insulin sensitivity on the carnivore diet

The Transition to Low Carb

Megan’s dietary journey began with a shift from a high junk food diet to a low carb ketogenic one. Initially, she noticed that many individuals, including herself, gravitated towards protein. This was evident when consuming large portions of protein, like a steak, which would sometimes cause a spike in blood sugar levels, mimicking the effects of carbohydrate consumption.

The Protein Paradox

Over time, as Megan became more insulin sensitive, she observed a fascinating phenomenon. She could consume more protein than during her insulin-resistant days without any significant impact on her glucose or serum insulin levels. Recalling her personal experience, Megan mentioned that there was a time when a twelve-ounce steak would raise her blood sugar. However, as her body adapted, she could enjoy a sixteen-ounce steak without any noticeable spike in her blood sugar or insulin levels.

Experimentation and Observations

Megan believes in the power of experimentation. She has observed that many women, especially those starting their dietary journey, might require more protein support than some dietary guidelines suggest. In her clinic, she found that women transitioning to a carnivore diet often consumed less overall. This was in contrast to those on a regular keto diet who, due to inflammation, felt hungrier and consumed more. Interestingly, Megan never observed anyone in her clinic transitioning from Keto to Carnivore and significantly increasing their protein consumption.

Insights from the Clinic

One of the most intriguing observations from Megan’s clinic was regarding blood glucose levels. Despite the changes in diet, they didn’t find any negative impact on blood glucose levels. This was especially true for those who made a switch to the carnivore diet.

Megan’s clinic has seen a variety of patients, from diabetics to those with metabolic issues. A common concern is the presence of visceral fat. Interestingly, Megan noted that not all individuals benefiting from fasting protocols or dietary changes are obese. Some, like those with rheumatoid arthritis or autoimmune diseases, are often lean. For these individuals, the focus is on ensuring adequate protein and fat intake to maintain a healthy body composition while undergoing more aggressive fasting to reduce inflammation.

Carnivore Diet Impact on Mental Health

One of the unexpected benefits of fasting and dietary changes has been on mental health. Megan personally experienced significant improvements in anxiety and depression. She believes this might be linked to improved thyroid function due to fasting and dietary changes. The clinic has also witnessed patients with bipolar disorder reducing or even coming off their medications, feeling comfortable and stable for extended periods.

Menopause on the carnivore diet

Menopausal women present a unique challenge in the world of diet and fasting. Megan is candid about the challenges they face, especially when it comes to weight loss. Hormonal changes during menopause can significantly impact metabolism. Megan’s approach is to be upfront and honest, guiding them towards longer fasting periods to achieve the desired results. Interestingly, some women have even reported regular menstrual cycles after adopting the recommended fasting schedules, years after going through menopause.

Fasting on the carnivore diet

Megan emphasizes the importance of pure fasting. She believes that the most effective fasting is done with just water and salt. While training wheels like bulletproof coffee or broth can help beginners, they might hinder those more accustomed to fasting from achieving their goals.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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