Martin improves ankylosing spondylitis and psoriasis on the carnivore diet

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A Rough Start

Early in life, Martin developed psoriasis, and by age 16 was at about 85% coverage, with cracking joints as well. He gained weight to 215 pounds after school, and continued trying different diets. He also developed IBS, and was told “you’re going to have to deal with it,” and was given medications that didn’t help much.

Martin even tried to go vegan, after watching a “documentary” about sports teams and vegan diets. “I started doing the smoothies, and all of that stuff, kale and spinach. “I lasted probably a week, and my IBS completely disintegrated me and I couldn’t keep anything down, and I felt completely like crap.” It also made his skin condition worse.

Over time, his psoriasis progressed to psoriatic arthritis, and while his skin looked a bit better, his joints hurt far worse.

After experiencing some acute back pain, “my body went into full inflammation… there was barely a joint or part of my body that didn’t hurt. The fire in my skin over parts of my body raged for days and then weeks. It didn’t matter if I was moving or staying still, I just hurt all the time.”

More Diagnoses

Martin was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis and fibromyalgia. “I tested positive for HLA B27. In the next few weeks, I got the next diagnosis of fibromyalgia.”

They suggested Mycophenolate which is an immunosuppressant medication and a high dose of vitamin K.

Martin researched both diagnoses and the prescribed medication. His thoughts turned dark: “Your dreams of retirement holidays, playing hockey or riding my motorcycle… all seem impossible now. I might be able to postpone the main event of the diagnosis but this might be the best I am.”

Michaela Peterson and Friends

“I stumbled upon a TedX talk about a woman that had her knee and hip replaced by age seventeen because of an autoimmune illness. At around 20ish she tried the ‘carnivore’ diet and within a relatively short period of time, she recovered from a lot of the pain and joint discomfort. I listened to Dr. Shawn Baker, Dr. Ken Barry, Dr. Anthony Chaffee, and Dr. Paul Saladino.

Began Carnivore Diet

Martin considered the immunosuppressant medications that were recommended and looked up the side effects. This made him decide to try the carnivore diet. “March 3rd, I went all in.”

On the 18th day, he woke up without his IBS and joint pain raging. “I woke up and my system was quiet. Nothing, no pressure to go. No heartburn… it was eerie.”

Later, Martin’s pain level dropped further to a 4/5. After 90 days, Martin had: “No more IBS. Suffered for 40+ years. Cleared 95% of my psoriasis which I had since 10. Lost 35lbs. Played my first hockey game!”

220 Days In

Martin continues to heal his IBS, psoriasis, and weight. He has noticed more resistance to sunburn, reduced body odor, a better sense of smell, and far better athletic endurance when weightlifting. He is off of all medications.

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3 thoughts on “Martin improves ankylosing spondylitis and psoriasis on the carnivore diet”

  1. I am a 71 year old who 21years ago was told to read the book “Enter the Zone” by my MD, in preparation for a Nephrectomy. My surgeon a vegetarian was amazed about the weight loss and health I had which made his work much easier. Later I was working aboard a drilling ship in the engine rooms of the Coast of Africa. I couldn’t drink enough water to get rid of the Uric Acid through the my remaining Kidney so I got gout on returning home to BC I made the mistake of visiting my new MD. He gave me a diet sheet which advised removing Purines. This set me on a path to almost veganism which made the gout worse and brought on Palindromic Arthritis. The MD recommended NSAIDS and Hydroxychloroquine. I ignored his advise and and reread “Enter the Zone” Realising that the answer was in lowering insulin in almost all life style induced illnesses.
    so I started reading hundreds of study papers and decided that a LCHF diet was the way to go, it was a resounding success. All Gout and Palindromic arthritis symptoms gone in weeks. I still had a few niggling life long symptoms which were easy to live with but never stopped learning. I am now experimenting with Carnivore after 3 weeks I tried cheese my favourite. It caused congestion every day, stopped that. Now 6 weeks in I tried 85% chocolate also a favourite, face eruptions, stopped that. I am not sure what to try next. I have HBP 200 / 100 average. I think I need to try adding arugula for the extra Potassium to increase my Nitric Oxide levels by the nitrate to nitrite to N.O. pathway.
    Latest I went to a dentist for a check up and he refused to deal with me because of the HBP. I told him I would not sacrifice my quality of life for my teeth, however long I have left to live.
    Suggestions gratefully accepted.
    Peter Murray

    1. It sounds to me like you need to look up Mikaela Peterson’s YouTube videos and start following The Lion Diet. This is an elimination diet where you only eat beef, water, and salt. Grass Fed/Finished beef is the best as the fat profile is much healthier compared to grain fed beef. Cattle aren’t meant to eat grain anyway. Dairy is a real problem for a lot of people. May you have continued success on your journey to better health!

    2. You don’t need greens for potassium, get it through potassium chloride. Also try adding iodine to your diet, most people are deficient. Check out Dr. Brownstein’s videos on the subject. Might help the HBP.

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