Mark improves body composition, performance on carnivore diet

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Like most people I was bought up on a high carb athletic diet as an elite rugby player in my teens and twenties. After quitting the game at 38 I went into running, triathlon and cycling as a way to continue the competitive urges. I was training 10-15 hours a week but still weighed 89KG in May 2016, eating what I thought was a healthy diet.

This was the result – okay but not great. The journey went from paleo to low carb to keto with regular cheats and cravings. Weight came down to around 78-79KG. I completed the 90 day carnivore challenge in 2017 and finished up at 74KG and a lower body fat.

I struggled to keep cheese and heavy cream in check and still craved sugar from time to time. Since then I have been mainly carnivore but have been unable to commit fully to the lifestyle.

This final picture was taken this January, I’ve maintained pretty well but want more. All aspects of my health and fitness have improved, I’m fitter, stronger and a bit leaner but time to take it to the next level. I have regular powerlifting competitions scheduled for this year and will compete at the velodrome.

This is at 78KG, body fat around 15%. My lifts in January were as follows;

Squat 130KG

Bench 85KG

Deadlift 160KG.

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