Marin improves fitness on a carnivore diet

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Hello meat eaters,

This is not a special story nor a special case. I am not sick I don’t any medical condition, just a guy that likes to experiment on his own body. I was on all sorts of diets (I like testing different things on myself first so I can recommend them to the others – do your own research).

3 months ago I finished my Keto voyage that lasted about 6 months, and I decided to do something different. That’s when I heard about carnivore diet (ty JRE and S.B.) and decided to give it a go (why not, how different can it be from Keto).

Long story short: it’s been 3 months now that I’m on full carnivore diet and I’ve never felt better, haven’t had a single cheat meal nor have I binged anything.

Meat-wise, I mostly eat roasted beef, pork, and lamb, and eggs occasionally when I start missing the taste of them.

I’m 33 (5’7, 155 lbs), feel like 23. I workout 6 days a week (30 minutes cardio, 30 minutes weights), and let me tell you whether is diet or what I’ve never felt better. What I like is that my energy levels are stable through the day, no crashes in the afternoon or anything similar.

I will probably give a break to Carnivore diet for 2 months (I miss eating sauerkraut and where I’m from cabbage season is starting soon). I mean I’ll still kill 3-4 pounds (yea that’s how much I eat per day) of meat (also I noticed no matter how much meat I eat I’m not gaining any weight) a day, plus serving of sauerkraut.

Anyhow that’s my short story. I started this as an experiment but now I might continue it for quite some time as I love the results.

Stay hungry,

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