Kimber healed her type 2 diabetes on a carnivore diet

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Over the last two decades, Kimber watched helplessly as several close family members succumbed to diabetes. This fuelled her resolve to lose weight and reverse her own diagnosis of type 2 diabetes before it was too late.

“Around four years ago, I had tried all the other diets out there for weight loss,” Kimber shares with Revero coach Brooke. From Nutrisystem and WeightWatchers to vegetarianism and juice fasts, Kimber only managed to lose about 20 pounds. She finally found success with losing weight by adopting a ketogenic diet and taking daily injections of Byetta to help stabilize her blood sugar.

“I was taking the shots in my stomach twice a day, and it was not fun,” she recalls. “But as I continued doing keto, the weight started falling off.” She lost 80 pounds on keto in two years and discontinued her injections. However, with all the different low-carb versions of her favorite junk foods, Kimber started to veer off course and experienced cravings and the return of her sweet tooth.

Kimber gradually started eliminating plants from her diet and shifted to a carnivore lifestyle. After a two-month transition period, Kimber has never looked back! “I started researching the carnivore diet and biohacking strategies,” she recalls. “I finally convinced myself I wouldn’t kill myself by eating only meat. Now, I’ve 100 percent embraced it, and I love it!”

Kimber was pleased to learn that once she became fat-adapted, she simplified her life by following an OMAD (one meal a day) eating schedule. She typically starts her day with coffee and heavy whipping cream first thing in the morning and eats one large ribeye with butter for her main meal. She also incorporates longer fasts several times a year.

“I just listen to my body,” she explains. “I let it tell me what to do. If I need a snack, my favorite is pork rinds and butter. It’s my version of carnivore popcorn!” Kimber also finds a simple recipe for “snake juice” meets her electrolyte needs and reduces constipation by combining magnesium, potassium, Redmond’s RealSalt, Epsom salt, and baking soda in two liters of water.

Kimber says her carnivore journey has exceeded her expectations. “My energy is off the charts, I feel so alive!” she shares. Her a1c is now 5.1, and she no longer has type 2 diabetes. She has lost over 102 pounds since her starting weight of 243 pounds before beginning keto four years ago. Shifting to a meat-based diet alleviated her constipation and stabilized her moods.

“I used to obsess over food, and all my relationships were built around that,” she recalls. Now, Kimber can focus on spending more time and energy with her grandchildren and enjoy frequent hikes with her two dogs. At 53 years old, she says she feels like an 18-year-old. “I couldn’t stand to look at myself before. Now, if I catch my reflection in the mirror walking by a store, I think, ‘Ooh, I like her!’”

Kimber wants to remind everyone how serious diabetes is and urges people not to take their health for granted. “Diabetes is not to be laughed at. Eat to heal your body!”


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