December 19, 2020

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Colin improved his digestion on a carnivore diet

From Vegan to Carnivore: Colin’s Journey to Better Health Colin used to believe that meat consumption would eventually destroy the earth, so he became a vegan. However, this decision led to unintended consequences. To Colin’s surprise, following a whole-foods, plant-based diet led to digestive issues, loss of muscle mass, and obesity.   Discovering the Carnivore Diet Colin and his dad

Crystal improved PMS and sleep on a carnivore diet

Crystal already achieved most of her health goals on a ketogenic diet, but it wasn’t until she transitioned to a carnivore diet that she could take her health to the next level.   Crystal’s Journey to a Carnivore Diet   “I wasn’t trying to lose more weight when I started the carnivore diet, but I was looking to increase my

Sondra gained mental clarity on a carnivore diet

Sondra followed a vegetarian diet for 14 years, hoping it would relieve her from allergies, asthma, and eczema, which she had struggled with since childhood. She describes her former self as “the granola girl.” At age 57, she has found true freedom on a carnivore diet.   Struggles with Various Ailments   Leaving behind the standard American diet she followed

Jamie’s joint pain went away on a carnivore diet

From Fruitarian to Carnivore: Jamie’s Health Journey   Jamie is a month shy of his 49th birthday and is proud to be able to wear the same size pants as he did in high school! Since switching to a carnivore diet, Jamie no longer has joint pain and has more strength in the gym than he did in his twenties.

Kimber healed her type 2 diabetes on a carnivore diet

Over the last two decades, Kimber watched helplessly as several close family members succumbed to diabetes. This fuelled her resolve to lose weight and reverse her own diagnosis of type 2 diabetes before it was too late.  “Around four years ago, I had tried all the other diets out there for weight loss,” Kimber shares. From Nutrisystem and WeightWatchers to

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