Crystal improved PMS and sleep on a carnivore diet

Crystal already achieved most of her health goals on a ketogenic diet, but it wasn’t until she transitioned to a carnivore diet that she could take her health to the next level.


Crystal’s Journey to a Carnivore Diet


“I wasn’t trying to lose more weight when I started the carnivore diet, but I was looking to increase my energy and be more optimal,” she explains. “I learned how toxic plants can be with anti-nutrients, lectins, and oxalates. It was easier to remove all plants and take everything to the next level.”


Crystal responded well to these changes and noticed her PMS symptoms and skin issues improved on a meat-based diet. Working as a hairstylist, she often had skin reactions to different chemicals, resulting in unsightly and painful rashes.


“I’ve always had issues with eczema. While keto improved on keto, it’s better on a carnivore diet. Aside from one allergic reaction last year, I’ve had no flare-ups.”


Crystal’s Impressive Health Improvements


Crystal has established a loyal social media following and enjoys sharing recipes that reflect her new lifestyle. “I love steak, but burgers are my favorite!” she says. In addition to those carnivore staples, Crystal experiments with adding organ meat to her diet.


“I cut frozen liver into flattened strips and bite off five pieces at a time,” she explains. Though she’s not a fan of the taste, she says she notices more benefits from including liver and fried air-fried suet in her diet.


Simplicity is the hallmark of Crystal’s approach to a carnivore diet, and she finds eating only animal-based products makes meal prep more efficient. A year and a half in, Crystal is moving away from OMAD (one meal a day) and plans to shift her eating schedule back to traditional breakfast, lunch, and dinner times.


On a typical day, she enjoys fatty egg coffee for breakfast, leftovers or beef jerky with butter for lunch, and steak for dinner. “I like to cook,” she clarifies, “but I don’t like to do it three times a day!”


The Benefits of a Meat-Based Diet


It’s relatively easy for Crystal to maintain her weight loss on a carnivore diet. “I love not having to count calories or carbs anymore!”


She didn’t have enough energy to get to the gym while following a ketogenic diet, but that has changed since making the switch. She enjoys frequent walks and will resume weight training once the gyms open again in her area.


Overcoming Skepticism and Achieving Results


Crystal’s friends and family haven’t always supported her meat-only food choices, but their initial skepticism hasn’t derailed her incredible results. “When I first started, the hardest part was the odd comment I’d get from a family member or friend,” she shares.


“But now people rarely bring it up, and they can see I’m fine and don’t have scurvy!” She’s gotten a clean bill of health from her doctor. “I recently got my bloodwork done, and everything was good!”


Crystal enjoys better sleep, optimal energy, improved body composition, stable moods, and healthier hair, skin, and nails. Check out her impressive before and after pictures; there’s no denying her results with a carnivore lifestyle!


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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