Colin improved his digestion on a carnivore diet

Colin used to believe that meat consumption would eventually destroy the earth, so he became a vegan. However, this decision led to unintended consequences. To Colin’s surprise, following a whole-foods, plant-based diet led to digestive issues, loss of muscle mass, and obesity.

Colin and his dad decided to start the new year by trying a meat-based diet since they had yet to find the results they sought on a vegan diet. Consuming as much content as possible related to digestive health, Colin eventually learned about the carnivore diet through Instagram personality Mark Bell. “It was the craziest thing I had ever heard!” he recalls thinking. “I had previously convinced my dad that meat was terrible and plants were the only sustainable way to go, but my dad responded that he was so sick of plants and wanted to have a steak.”

For Colin, the results were impressive! “I was able to lose more weight, and my strength came back. My digestive issues and bloating from consuming too much fiber disappeared when I started a meat-based diet.”

Colin emphasizes the importance of maintaining some variety on a meat-based diet, and for him, responsibly sourced seafood is a great way to achieve that goal. “I can stick with a meat-based diet and not experience palate fatigue,” he explains. “I change things up a bit and include seafood, pork, chicken, and steak for my main meals. It’s been a long-term sustainable diet for me, and I’ve kept my health where I want it to be.”

For Colin, combining intermittent fasting with a meat-centered diet gave him the best outcome. While eating a carb-heavy diet, he had trouble sleeping and experienced food cravings late at night. “Now I don’t wake up feeling hungry anymore,” he shares. “I don’t have to obsess over food. I experiment with matching my caloric intake to my physical activity.”

Colin was surprised to find that following a carnivore diet was more affordable, too. “I was in a position of having to stretch my dollar to get enough protein in my diet. Eating at home and investing in an air fryer is more economical, and I don’t miss going out to eat.”

Accountability is a critical component of Colin’s success on a carnivore diet. His girlfriend also follows this way of eating, and he stays connected to other carnivores through Carnivore.Diet and the World Carnivore Tribe on Facebook. “You can see what foods people are eating and experimenting with all over the world. You can learn recipes, cooking techniques, and what struggles others are going through. All that feedback is how I improved my diet with carnivore and my business.”

Colin shares his carnivore journey with business connections and restaurant employees who have now made the switch. Today, he runs a home delivery service that partners with state-of-the-art fisheries to deliver sustainable seafood nationwide. “Be patient and recognize change isn’t going to happen overnight,” he advises. “Do as much experimenting as you possibly can. You can find the answer to what you’re looking for as long as you keep searching for it.”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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