Kali treats fatigue, dandruff, lymphatic swelling on carnivore diet

A Yogi’s Journey to Health


Kali is a 47-year-old yogi who found relief from chronic fatigue, migraines, dandruff, lymphatic swelling, and dental sensitivity while following the carnivore diet.


Kali had previously followed a vegetarian and later a vegan diet, and avoided processed foods and seed oils. As a yoga teacher and meditation practitioner, he often turned to Chinese and Tibetan herbs to help treat his severe fatigue and migraine symptoms.


Kali describes being very weak, and that the chronic fatigue took over his life, often preventing him from working a full-time job. He also suffered from the cold with a weak nervous system.


Overcoming Health Issues with the Carnivore Diet


“I practice Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism, and so I had this sense of animals suffering, so I tried to eat a vegetarian diet. But it led to a lot of health issues, and I would always feel a deep urge to eat meat,” Kali shares. He also had extremely sensitive teeth and white coating on his tongue, symptoms that cleared up within 30 days on the carnivore diet.


The Benefits of Eating Meat for a Yogi


“Over the years, my Tibetan doctor always advised me to eat beef, but I kept ignoring him. In Tibetan medicine, they actually use beef as a medicine and prescribe it to people who are suffering from weakness and fatigue,” Kali explains. “Even though eating meat conflicted with some other spiritual beliefs I previously held, I decided to try it anyway.”


His results were surprising and affirmative. During Kali’s latest personal retreat at a Buddhist meditation center, he was able to sustain a meditation posture for 3 hours, something he had previously only been able to maintain for 45 minutes. The inflammation in his body was now gone.


Balancing Spirituality and Health: Kali’s Story


Kali’s diet consists mostly of steak, hamburgers, eggs, raw milk, raw cheese, and liver. He found the liver particularly helped him combat strong cravings for carbohydrates when he began his carnivore journey. “Looking back, if I had just eaten beef (and not added the liver) I think the transition would have been more difficult for me.”


Within the first 3 months on a carnivore diet, Kali’s fatigue, dandruff, and sensitivity in his teeth had all disappeared. He very rarely gets migraines now, but when they do happen, they are less severe. “I no longer need afternoon naps. I have energy that I didn’t have before, and I wake up in the morning feeling solid and grounded!” Kali shares.


With his newfound energy and strength, Kali is able to hold a job as a flat-bed truck driver, a physically demanding job he could not have held before.


He still makes time to practice meditation and yoga, and wants to share his message with others who may think you have to be vegetarian to practice that lifestyle.


“Many holistic teachers will incorrectly say that red meat and dairy cause inflammation and should be eliminated. I wish I had known 20 years ago what I know now, I could have gotten my life back sooner.”


Kali also offers understanding for the vegan community. “I had been one of them, so I know where they are coming from, but we cannot ignore our digestive systems that were given to us by a higher power.”


He does his best to not prolong the suffering of animals and continues to show gratitude for their sacrifice that has led him to a life of better health and joy.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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