Jodelle improved hypothyroidism on carnivore diet

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Hi, my name is Jodelle. I had blood work showing that I had hypothyroidism, and since then I have been strict carnivore.


My results

I am convinced now that the all meat diet is the absolute very best thing I can do for the healing of my thyroid, because these are already the results I have seen thus far:


  • My period came back after 7 months of not having one.
  • My skin hair and nails are smooth and shiny and no more dry skin. Nails and hair growing super fast.
  • My anxiety is gone. Period. Gone. I have suffered from mild-to-moderate anxiety since I was 15.
  • My sleep is improved.
  • My workouts are stellar progressing in weights as I am so enjoying taking on the CTS system that Dr. Baker put together. 

My appetite is regulated. I used to think about and dwell about my next meal all the time. I am now only hungry every now and then, and meat is all I want. And I could go on but I’ll stop there for now.


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