Jerry found his abs in his 50s on a carnivore diet

Jerry said he was “lacking energy and feeling old.” He was tired a lot and overweight.

At 53 he felt “over the hill.”

Jerry was introduced to Keto by a co-worker who had lost 100 pounds.

As a child and for most of his adult life, Jerry had belly fat and thought it was most likely due to genetics. Belly fat is common in those who follow the Standard American Diet, and many people who eat a carnivore diet say they lose weight almost effortlessly.

He says he was skeptical at first about going on a meat-based diet, but after researching it, he decided to give it a try.

Although Jerry says his improvements “are too many to list,” he does report that he lost weight, sleeps better, and has much better energy. He is able to exercise every day and says he feels he’s reset his biological clock by 30 years.


Jerry lost 35 pounds in six months. He’s 5’11” and currently weighs 175 pounds. Additionally, he lost ten inches around his waist. Eliminating carbohydrates—such as refined sugar and flour—and highly processed foods helps your body burn fat. This is why so many people on the carnivore diet report losing weight.

In addition, losing ten inches around his waist signals a reduction in visceral fat, and improves a person’s waist-to-height ratio. According to Jerry’s results, his metabolism has significantly improved and his risk of disease has decreased. That ratio is a proxy for visceral fat.

Most mornings, Jerry wakes up before his alarm and feels “ready to go.” Recent studies have shown that weight loss, especially belly fat, is associated with improvements in the quality of sleep. An adequate amount of sleep is essential for overall health because it lowers blood pressure, enhances immune function, boosts energy and mood, controls appetite, and helps athletes recover and perform better.

He explains that his before and after pictures show him with an 18-pound weight loss and later with an additional 17-pound loss, with visible abs. He now has the energy to exercise. “I started doing CrossFit interval training. I found I do have abs. I’m leaner and more muscular than ever.”

Better sleep, eating fewer carbs, and consuming real foods—such as meat, eggs, and low-carb veggies—all contribute to better physical fitness and recovery.

Jerry says that he is mostly carnivore now and believes that a meat-based diet is ninety percent the key to health at any age. Many on a carnivore diet have reported improvements in their mental and physical health. For example, those with type 2 diabetes, psoriasis, eczema, hypertension, or ADHD have either completely resolved their conditions or dramatically improved their metabolic markers and in many cases, they no longer need medications.

At 56, Jerry says that he no longer feels over the hill but rather that he’s still climbing the hill. His physical improvements, like being leaner, are exciting, but he says that “feeling great is what it’s all about.”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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1 thought on “Jerry found his abs in his 50s on a carnivore diet”

  1. for those that are skeptical like I was I urge you to give it a try. If you are new to carnivore . Join meatrx for the free month. Go to as many meetings as you can and ask questions and use your free coaching session. You will have 30 minutes to ask a very knowledgeable coach any questions. Ditch the processed foods including all vegetable oils, processed grains and sugars and make meat and saturated fats the base or all of your diet. People of all ages are treating all types of illness and becoming healthier every day. There are no magic pills to health but a meat diet will improve it drastically. Good Luck Jerry

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