Jamie (65) improved his cognitive ability on a carnivore diet

Jamie is a 65-year-old lifelong athlete and marathoner. He gained weight, became inflamed, and developed cancer as an adult, but regained his health through a carnivore diet. This is his story!

Jamie is 5’11 and currently weighs about 185 pounds. At his highest, his weight reached 210 pounds, despite being a hardcore endurance athlete. He says, “Prior to a couple of years ago, my health was good, and I thought all was well since I was a lifelong athlete who exercised fairly hard nearly every day. In my 30s, I was a competitive marathon runner (ie, several Boston marathons), but over time I gained some weight (from 180 to 200ish) and noticed onset of joint pain (including trigger thumb).”

He proved the adage that it’s not possible to exercise your way out of a bad diet. He explains, “Prior to carnivore and keto, I basically ate what I wanted (lots of pizza, chips, ice cream etc.) figuring I could just exercise it off. As time went by, that strategy began to crumble, and I was in denial about it.”

Despite living what most would call a very healthy lifestyle, Jamie’s life would take a turn: “Then the prostate cancer diagnosis, which fortunately was caught before it had spread” This also signaled when combined with his weight gain and joint inflammation, that perhaps he wasn’t as healthy as he had thought.

Jamie started following a ketogenic diet two years ago and found he “liked it, but realized I could not control carbs (potatoes, berries, bread).” Because of these issues he identified, his search for the right diet continued until he found the carnivore diet. This diet seemed to suit his body much better than keto. “Since going all carnivore a year ago, the joint pain is gone, borderline high bp is gone, body composition is better, skin tone much better, sleep better.”

Jamie found that his skin was more resilient after following the carnivore diet: “Much time in the sun last summer with no burning. No sunscreen. Really everything is better.” He also found that his mind seemed to be working better: “In particular I notice that cognitive ability has improved.”

As Jamie continued on the diet, he saw his body composition change for the better. He decided to see how much and had a body scan: “Body scan shows a marked decrease of body fat and visceral fat.” He also had his blood lab work done, to see how his cardiac risk ratios were doing and found that “Triglyceride/HDL Is great. Inflammatory markers great.”


The simplicity and results of his new diet appeal to Jamie: “I love this way of eating, and know I will maintain it. I’m two meals a day, steak, eggs, cheese, bacon and butter. A little dairy in my coffee. No organ meat. A little veg once a week with steak. Very little.”

Jamie shared his story in the hope that his success would inspire others to also try it!

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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