JB maintains muscle mass while competing in ultra marathons on a carnivore diet

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JB is an endurance athlete, who has relentlessly pursued improving his physiology to boost his athletic and competitive performance. Along his journey, he encountered some challenges that caught up with him, but he overcame those. Through a carnivore diet and a lot of study, he learned how to improve his abilities and his health. His story is an inspiration to others!

Stimulants: Not a Viable Solution

Like many athletes, JB found that as he pushed himself to perform better, some common shortcuts became commonplace. “As an avid endurance athlete, I found myself abusing caffeine and legal stimulants to keep up with my intense workouts.” Instead of giving in to just using stimulants, JB chose to determine why his body needed the stimulants in the first place.

Thyroid Issues

JB found the answer to the question, but knew that he needed to improve his overall strategy. “I decided to get some blood work done to see what was up! It was at this time I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid; of which I would be forced to take a hormone replacement pill every day for the rest of my life.”

The Keto Years

JB had been following a ketogenic diet, but decided that this diet had failed him, and he resolved to do more research and learn to find a better way. “This was approximately 10 years ago and at the time I was loosely following a ketogenic type diet. Upon being diagnosed, was when I began to do more research into my diet. I would not allow this diagnosis to be an excuse in any way and I believe it motivates me even more to progress and be even better each day!”

Going Animal Based

JB found the answers he sought, and returned to mankind’s earliest diet and eating schedule. The combination of animal-based foods and intermittent fasting was the answer he was seeking: “Since then I have embraced a very high fat, high protein, mostly animal based diet along with intermittent fasting protocols that I designed myself suited for my job, my training, and lifestyle needs. It has been an incredible game changer.”

Energy Gains, Maintaining Muscle Mass in Endurance Events

While most endurance athletes lose muscle mass and become quite thin, JB found his body responds well to his new diet: “10 years later, I feel that my energy and capacity for my workouts has increased 10 fold, I compete in 3 to 4 Ultra marathons per year ranging from 50 miles to 100 miles runs at a highly competitive level. I am able to maintain muscle mass and my muscular build through my diet and weight lifting regimen even though my excessive Cardio and Aerobic workouts should be deteriorating both my muscle mass and strength. This Diet and the mindset of “do not believe what others tell you what you can and cannot do” is what this movement really is representing. Research, learn and stay moving!”

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