Ivor improved cholesterol and weight on a meat-focused diet

A Health Awakening

Ivor’s journey into the world of meat-focused eating begins with a health scare. In 2012, he finds himself 30 to 40 pounds overweight, struggling with hypertension, and alarmed by high levels of serum ferretin and liver enzymes. His cholesterol is also off the charts. Despite consulting three different doctors, he doesn’t find satisfactory answers to his health concerns.

Driven by a desire to understand his body and take control of his health, Ivor starts researching. He soon discovers that carbohydrates are the root of his problems, not fats or animal products. This realization leads him to a significant dietary shift.

The Transformation: From Carbs to Carnivore

Ivor makes a dramatic change in his diet, focusing on meat, fish, eggs, and low-carb vegetables. Within eight to nine weeks, he loses 30 pounds without even targeting weight loss. His blood markers normalize, and his hypertension collapses. The transformation is not just physical; Ivor also experiences a boost in mental acuity, vitality, and overall fitness.

One of the most striking changes is his ability to handle the heat in Singapore, where he previously perspired excessively. After his dietary change, he can walk outside without breaking a sweat, a testament to his improved health.

Family Matters: A Nutrient-Dense Lifestyle

Ivor’s transformation doesn’t stop with him. His wife, also an engineer, becomes intrigued by his findings. After scrutinizing the data, she too switches to a meat-focused diet. The benefits are not only physical but also neurological, as she finds relief from mild depression and anxiety attacks.

The couple’s five children also benefit from the change. The pantry is cleared of bread, pasta, and cereals, replaced by nutrient-dense foods. Ivor believes that this shift has made his children more robust and healthier, rarely falling sick.

The Occasional Cheat: A Carb Hangover

Ivor is candid about his occasional deviations from his meat-focused diet. Whether it’s artisan bread at a restaurant or a slice of pizza with the kids, he sometimes indulges. However, these rare cheats come with consequences.

The next morning, Ivor experiences what he calls a “carb hangover.” His body, now adapted to low-carb eating, reacts strongly to the sudden influx of carbohydrates. The feeling serves as a reminder to keep such indulgences rare.

Wine and Dining: A Balanced Approach

Ivor’s diet also includes wine, which he enjoys with his evening meals. He acknowledges that this might not align with a strict carnivore approach, but it’s a part of his balanced lifestyle. Interestingly, he finds that the hangover from carbs can sometimes be more pronounced than that from alcohol.

However, Ivor also notes a potential pitfall: the relaxed state induced by wine might lead to more casual eating choices, resulting in a double whammy of a carb hangover on top of the effects of alcohol.

The Carnivore Movement: A Growing Trend

Ivor’s experience is part of a broader trend. The carnivore movement, though seen as fringe by some, is gaining traction. More and more doctors and smart professionals are getting on board, recognizing the benefits of a meat-focused diet.

Ivor is excited about the future of this movement. He sees the potential for carnivore eating to become the next big diet trend, especially with the increasing support from the medical community.

Conclusion: A Personal Journey to Health

Ivor’s story is a testament to the power of self-discovery, research, and a willingness to challenge conventional wisdom. His meat-focused diet has not only transformed his health but also positively impacted his family’s well-being.

While not strictly adhering to the carnivore diet, Ivor’s approach emphasizes nutrient density, balance, and personal judgment. His journey offers valuable insights for anyone seeking to understand their body, take control of their health, and explore the potential benefits of a meat-focused lifestyle.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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