Florian is utilising a carnivore protocol as an adjuvant therapy to his cancer treatment

A Miracle Diet? How the Carnivore Diet Saved a Man’s Life from Stomach Cancer

According to doctors, Florian should not be alive today. Florian is german and grew up eating what he describes as the healthier version of the “standard German diet.” He ate a lot of meat and vegetables and only a few processed foods, as most of his food was made from scratch. Florian says around the age of thirty; he started a finance job where he sat at a desk for around twelve hours a day. He began to put on weight and peaked at almost 250 pounds.


From Healthy Diet to Keto

Florian began looking into alternative methods to help him lose weight. He experimented with the paleo diet and took up sports to become more active. Florian came across research about a low-carb, high-protein diet, otherwise known as the ketogenic diet. The keto diet allowed him to lose the weight he needed to lose.


A Surgeon’s Advice Leads to the Carnivore Lifestyle

His knowledge of a low-carb way of life would serve him well as he was diagnosed with incurable stomach cancer. Approximately nine months ago, while still eating keto, Florian had surgery for his cancer. The cancerous tumor in his stomach was growing into his colon, making it difficult to eat and digest many foods. He asked his surgeon what he should do, and he flippantly replied, “just don’t eat plants.”


Florian says he doesn’t think his surgeon realized not eating plants was a whole movement, but following his doctor’s advice, Florian stumbled upon the carnivore lifestyle. Florian, at the time, was told he had six to seven months to live– that was nine months ago. Thanks to the carnivore diet, Florian is thriving, and his doctors are perplexed.


Eliminating Sugar and Fasting as Cancer Treatments

Florian says success for him looks a little different. He knows cancer feeds on sugar, and his most considerable success is that eliminating sugar has kept him alive. Florian has also noticed he no longer struggles with allergic asthma, and though he is currently experiencing the biggest crisis of his life, he feels very calm. A stark contrast to the amount of stress he felt before he began the carnivore diet.


Florian says he eats all meats–beef, a lot of pork, seafood, eggs, chicken, and duck. He even has a neighbor who is a hunter, so he has been enjoying wild boar and deer from his neighbor. Florian also enjoys some dairy, especially butter, though he said his body is learning he doesn’t process cheese as well as he used to. Florian also says he stumbled across research that showed that fasting supports chemotherapy. So Florian fasts at least one day a week while not receiving chemotherapy treatments and fasts more when he is receiving chemo treatments.


Confusing Cancer Doctors with a Meat-Only Diet

Florian has his cancer doctors confused about why he is doing so well. He says that sometimes he will get asked, “are you still doing your no-carb diet?” And he’s even been told that he needs to have carbs. Florian says he feels like his cancer doctors have a “willful ignorance” when it comes to alternative cancer treatments. Still, his general practitioner seems more open to his lifestyle and often encourages him.


A Life Well Lived on the Carnivore Diet

Florian says his most significant success is “I am doing as well as I am.” Florian also says he doesn’t know where he will be in three weeks, three months, or three years, but he is still here today. Florian’s testimony is incredible, and he has the carnivore diet to thank for keeping him alive and thriving.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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