Erin ditched the plants and eliminated her eczema

Erin’s Health Struggles


As a young woman, Erin was diagnosed with endometriosis, which was initially treated with birth control, and she was later diagnosed with celiac disease, hyperglycemia, and severe eczema.


Dietary Approaches That Didn’t Work

She tried several different dietary approaches (paleo, keto, and AIP), but they did not produce the kind of healing results that a carnivore diet did.


“I had a lot of brain fog, and my mood was very unstable,” Erin shares. “I felt like I was always on a rollercoaster with my moods, and just figured that I was a dramatic person, and this was normal for me.”


Throughout most of her life, Erin describes herself as a carb addict, filling up on bread and always being hungry no matter how much she ate. She attributes hunger to severe nutrient deficiency. Going gluten-free after her celiac diagnosis helped somewhat.


Discovering A Meat-Based Diet


With the birth of her son ten years ago, Erin discovered she had passed on several of her autoimmune conditions and allergies, so she spoke with her doctor about options. “My son had horrible eczema, and we realized it had been transferred to him through my breast milk.


My doctor told me it would be too difficult for me to avoid certain foods and encouraged me instead to just switch to formula.” Erin refused to do this and committed instead to finding a way of eating that would be healthier for her and her son.


Erin began with a paleo diet and was pleased to find her son’s symptoms went away. “I was happy that I could continue breastfeeding my son, and he completely healed. “It was a real blessing to be able to breastfeed both of my kids, and my symptoms definitely lessened.”


Erin still suffered from eczema, urinary tract infections, and brain fog, so she researched and tried other elimination diets and eventually stumbled across videos of women on a carnivore diet.


Benefits Of A Carnivore Diet


After becoming a certified nutritional therapist and helping her clients heal on whole foods diets, Erin became intrigued with the idea of a meat-based diet being the missing piece of her puzzle. “Everything I’ve learned along the way was helpful, but nothing has healed me yet.


I was doing all the right things, like getting enough sleep, exercising, and eating whole foods, but I still wasn’t fully healed.” Erin had used elimination diets with her clients, so a carnivore diet seemed to make sense because meat is a nutrient-dense food.


“I’d always eaten ‘nose-to-tail’ with organs included, so I knew there were enough nutrients and I wouldn’t miss anything from eliminating fruits and vegetables.”


Erin’s instincts proved to be correct! “I started with a meat-heavy version of keto for the first couple of weeks and eventually transitioned to ground beef, steaks of all kinds, grass-fed butter, and salt.” After a slow transition and nearly four months, Erin’s eczema completely cleared up, and her moods are now stable.


What surprised her the most? “Until you experience mental clarity, there’s no way to describe it,” she says. “I feel free, and I’m no longer concerned about my next meal.


The carnivore way of eating is simple and easy and combats my addictive tendencies. Carnivore adds a richness to life that I didn’t have before, and my life has more color.”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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