David heals uveitis and rheumatoid arthritis and loses weight on a carnivore lifestyle

How David Discovered the Carnivore Diet

David found the carnivore diet because of a desire to research how to reduce his uveitis, a form of inflammation in the eye. David says there was a point in his life when he almost became blind in his left eye because of the severity of his uveitis.


David’s Experience with the Carnivore Diet

David began searching for relief on the internet and ran across the MeatRx community and Dr. Shawn Baker. He says the MeatRx testimonials proved that the carnivore diet wasn’t just a fad. David also says he felt he could trust Dr. Baker because he is an orthopedic surgeon and well-regarded in the medical community.


Before adopting a carnivore lifestyle, David says he ate the Standard American Diet. When he decided to do the carnivore diet, he went cold turkey, only consuming meat, fat, and water. David struggled with some cravings initially but pushed through them, and almost immediately, he saw improvements. Not only did the inflammation in his eye improve, the pain he had been experiencing in his wrist almost wholly subsided.


Benefits of a Carnivore Lifestyle for David

Later, David would find out that the pain he was experiencing in his wrist was rheumatoid arthritis. David said when he started the carnivore diet, he was on a three-month waiting list to see a doctor about the pain. At the time, the pain in his wrist was debilitating and keeping him up at night. The pain was almost completely gone when he got to his appointment. His doctor still wanted to put David on multiple medications, but David didn’t see the point in taking unneeded medications.


David has experienced other positive results from adopting a carnivore lifestyle. He has lost thirty-two pounds and reports his energy and mental clarity are the best they have ever been. His wife is also a carnivore follower. She has lost even more weight than he has and no longer has stomach issues. David feels he and his wife’s carnivore lifestyle even attributed to how well their body handled covid-19 when they caught the virus. He said the covid virus was “nothing more than a mild cold” for them. He feels their carnivore lifestyle gave him and his wife extra immune protection against the virus.


David’s Diet and Exercise Routine

David is a hunter; he and his wife live in a more remote part of Canada. He says that approximately 90% of their diet is wild game, and the other 10% is store-bought beef or pork. David says he and his wife usually enjoy one meal daily, though they will eat two for special occasions. David also says they are relatively active because of where they live, although he has started adding weights to his exercise regime.


David’s Advice for Starting a Carnivore Diet

David says he will never go back to his previous way of eating. The mental clarity and energy he has gained since adopting the carnivore lifestyle are both priceless. His advice to anyone looking to get started on the carnivore diet is to “not worry about what you find online.” He feels there are many online myths about the carnivore lifestyle, but the truth can be found in real-life testimonials.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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